Lingerie Picks and Tricks

I don't subscribe to Valentines Day, but I do subscribe to beautiful lingerie.
Although most of my outfits are on the bargain side and I'm always rather strict with myself when it comes to budgets, that all goes out of the window when it comes to lingerie.
I hunt out sample or flash sales from companies like Agent Provocateur and Coco De Mer for luxury lingerie at a more affordable price, but even then it breaks my bank a little.
I believe everyone should have at least one good set that make you feel sexy as hell, a little bit naughty, and confident in the way you look, especially when you know you'll get your special someone drooling.
So despite not a valentines fan, here is my valentines blog post all about my favourite pieces of confidence building lace, and why it's worthwhile checking out those sales.

 Agent Provocateur Caitlin Set, bought in the New Year
 sales along with the perfume.
We had to peg the middle too, as the back of these briefs are rather
strappy and rude!
 Agent Provocateur Mercy Set in black, bought in a Flash 
Sale, the whole three piece set cost £80 instead of £250.
Photo by Mr. Suave wearing Mercy set

I have drawers and boxes full of similar and have quite a collection growing, but you can find amazing pieces on the high street too, H&M being one of my favourites for black lace sets at a fraction of the price, but its always keeping an eye out for these sales, happening online as well as in store. It's worth splashing out on with how great a new set makes you feel.

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