A Little Shopping Problem

I'm naturally a small size.
I'm not bragging here, but I'm just telling it as it is. Naturally I am a size 6, or US size 2, I do have items of clothing that are a size 4 (US size 0) which fit nicely.

Shopping when I was younger was always difficult, the smallest size available on the high street was a size 8. I didn't grow any curves until I was 17 but grew up wearing clothes one size too big, and thinking they would fit as I was older. Despite the curves I'm still the same size.
More and more clothes stores now stock from a size 6 and the petite girls have been able to emerge, blinking, out of the small petite sections some clothing stores had. When did petite means bland?
We rejoice, we shop, we revel in no longer swimming in slightly too big jeans or t-shirts. Even alternative clothing companies such as Collectif and Vivien Of Holloway stock clothing from a size 6.
TIP: Vivien of Holloway use classic sizes so it's the size 8 you'll want for a 6, 10 for an 8 etc.

While finally being allowed to wear the properly fitting attire, still plenty of stores don't stock smaller sizes, and those that do usually stock only 1 or 2 of each item in that size and sell out quickly.
Even smaller shoe sizes (I'm a 3, and 5'6, I fall over a lot) only one pair in size 3 of each new shoe line is sent to your local Topshop (this I know for sure) and most likely, other high street chains.
All this aside I do love being able to chose and select from the whole store range rather than one section or, god forbid, childrens wear....! But I do have to still be selective due to those damned curves, even if I am a small size it doesn't mean I'm flat chested, or don't have hips. It's sad when trying on a beautiful dress I learn what it feels like to be bandaged down across the chest and it is not pleasant, or have to jump into jeans to get the waist band over my bum only to find it somehow gaps around the waist.

There are specialist clothing stores for Plus Sized women, Maternity Wear, even those who are Rather Tall, but nothing for the Petite Lady, especially the petite lady with boobs and an arse.
We need this to happen, we need properly fitting attire, that shows off curves hugging our small waists while accentuating our boobs and bums.
We need tailoring.

On another subject, my FujiFilm Instax Camera turned up yesterday, and I love it! Expect my Instagram (@styleyourselfvintage) to be full of shots taken with Polaroid! I'd definitely recommend them, and with the selection of film types including such things as Adventure Time it will always be fun!

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