My Make Up Bag

Every woman wonders what others see as their go to products, I'm constantly asked what lipstick I'm wearing as the brand I use isn't sold in the mainstream.
So here are the contents of my make up bag, and what I put on my face everyday, these are the products I swear by.

I start with the No. 7 Matte Primer as this is the only matte primer I've found to do what it says it will, I always had a problem with shine and this helps combat it instantly.
Afterwards I'll use the Protect and Perfect foundation which gives coverage without slick or shine.
Touche Eclat, while on the expensive side, should be a staple in every girls make up bag. I use it to hide my unsightly bags but it can also be used for highlighting for that contouring on the go affect.

Others worth note are the Eyes Bright by Lush mascara, I used to get sore eyes constantly with the late nights, heavy make up, and false eyelashes but this mascara with its natural qualities and eye caring products have stopped that immediately. Plus its vegan and it won't break your lashes due to use of Elastane like other mascaras.
My lipbalm and lipsticks are also vegan and cruelty free, I pick these balms up from SSOV near London's Kings Cross along with chocolates, cakes and other naughty vegan snacks.
The lipsticks, as I'm sure you all know by now, are Lime Crime Velvetines, my ultimate go to lipstick for matte red or pink lips that don't fade, transfer, or dry out your lips. And with more shades coming soon, including a deeper red and, for those brave enough, a matte black. I'm excited to snap them up.

What make up do you owe your lives to?

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