TK Maxx, handbag saviour

When it comes to handbags I cannot make them last.
I have loads of them pottering around my flat holding secret lipsticks, hair clips, and the odd 5p but still I have that unsatisfactory feeling of not finding that "handbag one".
This means that when it comes to buying handbags I'm tight with budgets, I have splashed out in the past and only been disappointed with the quality or size (vivienne Westwood, I'm looking at you, then at my chancery handbag, then back at you) so am resigned to thinking that £40+ is a bit much for a handbag. 
So when my last fell apart thanks to the combination of a suitcase, shoulder bag, and train barriers (r.i.p zandra Rhodes pretty handbag....) the search was yet again back on. 
My go to store in a handbag crisis is always TK Maxx, handbags and some designer from well known makes and brands, but at a fraction of the price, it makes sense to start the hunt there. Plus the added bonus of their shoe section now holding the occasional pair of Jeffrey Campbell's.
And so I went, fell in love with, and bought a new 60's style structured bag, originally from Dune retailing for £89.00, I picked it up in store (and girls, there's plenty left and in other colours too!) for a bargain £34.99! 
Whenever I get a new item of clothing or accessory I do tend to style the rest of my outfits around that for a while, and so I have using yet again, the medium of Polyvore.

This would be a lovely spring time outfit, wondering the streets of Rome, and pretending to be famous. In the 60's. In Rome.
The sunglasses are Quay which you can buy from ASOS too as I always get asked about them. (£25!)
This is the outfit I wore the other day, as I had two shows to attend and a meeting too all from 7pm I needed to look smart, be warm, and also wanted to look nice. 
I almost got rid of these irregular choice shoes as I had only worn them once before previously, but after the amount of compliments from the drag queens backstage they are now staying! Plus I had to combine the pinkness of the heel with my Lime Crime Pink Velvet and pink deer brooch from CABFAYRE available on etsy
As you can see my skirt is different to the polyvore as I can't find an image, it's a vintage Jaeger wool skirt that I found in a charity shop, it's always worth looking as you'll never believe some of the stuff you will find! 

But not everyone wants to dress to the nines every day, I know I don't despite appearances, and am actually quite lazy and enjoy the odd running around outfit.
But I still want to look great...! Statement leggings help make the outfit more quirky, while the coordination of the jumper, shoes, and yes, nail Polish make it look more put together while still being comfortable, and practical. 
When it comes to handbags it's less about the one, and about the one that comes along and refreshes your wardrobe! 

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  1. Loving your bag Millie! :-) What a fabulous colour and style.

    Di @ x


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