Back to School with Ciate Nails

A lot of people have been asking about this set since it was featured in the Fragrance Direct post HERE.
It seems such a quirky fun idea, and I was quite tempted to buy it as soon as I saw it on Ciate's Website but at £25.00 for the set I was a bit hesitant. 
Luckily Fragrance direct had them on offer for only £6.99! Absolute bargain!

The packaging is pretty cute, and I was excited to whip these out and doodle! Being terrible at Nail Art I liked that this could be wiped off and re done without hassle.
The guide book also came with a page of doodle ideas.

The Pens came with their own school themed names too, and I decided it would make more sense to get the ink flowing before painting my nails. 
All of the colours came out easily, except for the pink which for some reason took ages and when it finally worked, I was disappointed to see it was quite a dull dusky pink, as I imagined it would be quite bright.
The pens aren't actually chalk like in consistency which I wasn't expecting.

The polish separated and streaked on first application, the effect actually looking quite interesting for grungy rock nails, I may use it for this affect some time.
 It says to use two coats so I knew it wouldn't be a one coat wonder.

It still wasn't quite even by the second coat however. 
So a third was necessary, it seemed to want to stay streaky.

  The third coat did make a lot of difference but still wasn't completely even. 
I decided that it would do however and waited for them to dry.
Usually their polishes dry quickly and while this did dry fairly quick, it was still "damageable" so drawing on them with pens left a few dents and smudges.

The Blue doesn't really show up, you can see it on the left, and it said "girl" but against the black it was quite pointless, and not chalk like.
The instructions for this set state that you can easily wipe off the pen markings with water, the pink wiped off easily, but the blue took a while to budge. 
Annoyingly however, the white and yellow didn't come off at all! 
I had to repaint over that hand to draw on a different design.

I let them dry even longer this time in case that was why the pens didn't wipe off.
I let my other half take over the right hand after my shakey first attempt, so the "Meow" and cat face were my doing, the "Shoe" (to go with Love) and of course, novelty cock were all his doings.
Again the white and yellow didn't budge when I tried to remove it, so I was left with the novelty cock and the H that I couldn't think of anything to go with it apart from my opinion of the product, that wouldn't be very polite tho...

I was quite disappointed and actually took it straight off after the photo's were taken.
It was tricky to take it off and left my nails looking rather dirty which was yet another annoyance after I'd previously had very clean freshly manicured nails.
I'm quite glad to have bought this at such a bargain price, as I would have been very upset if I had shelled out full price for this product.

I wanted to love it, but I just couldn't.
I love their other products, and their colours are now the only brand I use on my nails but I don't think I will ever use this set again.

It may make a great gift for teenagers, and I imagine it could be a lot of fun to use during sleepovers and parties as a fun activity, but for nail art enthusiasts I would advise against this set unless you only intend to use the pink pen, which was the only one to look chalk like but had the ability to wipe off.

Sorry Ciate, I love the products usually, just not this one.

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