Is Glossybox UK Worth the Money....?

After my recent March Vs April post published, I did the usual sharing across many social networks, including Instagram. As usual I added some hashtags including the #glossybox which stoked my curiosity.
I tapped onto the hashtag I had myself used, wondering what other girls got in their boxes and saw some unfamiliar products from other countries.
Now of course this isn't so shocking as every country has it's different brands that all need testing, which is what Glossybox is primarily for, but the quality and sizes of the products did make me double take.
I looked through the hashtags going through an array of emotions, envy, lust, and eventually disappointment and a slight feeling of being cheated.

UK Glossybox 
Of course Glossybox is a slight pot luck when it comes to it's products, and as the products are included to be reviewed they are generally sample sized, but this seems to be mainly within the UK.
For £10 we generally receive similar to the above image, but as Glossybox is a global company and spreading slowly around the world, are their boxes of the same grade internationally?

Norway's Glossybox is fairly similar to the UK's standard, the pot of full sized cream was actually only sample sized from the instagram posts of that country. 
It's also the most expensive at 179 Norwegian Krone, roughly £17.70.

Similar to Norway is the Swedish Glossybox, but the products seem just a slight bit bigger, and also comes up much cheaper than it's Norweigan counter part at 139 Swedish Krone, about £12.60.

 Spain is also fairly similar to the UK version, but again I find the products seem slightly nicer and includes one full sized product from what I can see here.
This retails at €15.00 which is currently about £12.30.

The french version seemed the cutest and quaintest out of them all, this was the one I felt an immediate pang of want when I saw it, and a longing for Paris. 
I used the spend half my time in Paris, now it's been 4 year since my last visit!
This is a whole 50 cents more than the Spanish box, at €15,50 or £12.75.

 Germany has a really cute box, tho most products are again smaller, they also had a tool (tweezers) and from the hashtags I could see this blue polish was very well loved. 
The price is the same as Spain's at €15,00 (£12.30).

Austria's products were again just a little bit more nicer (this has become somewhat of a countdown now.....wait till you see the top three...!!) and contained full sized products.
It was one whole Euro cheaper at €14,00 which makes it similar to the UK prices at £11.50.

The Israel site was understandably difficult for me to navigate....!
But the products are much better than we receive in the UK and make me really curious to see exactly what they are. 
I found the prices (somehow) and these are 85 Israeli Shekel which is about £14.55 so a little more than we pay, but for these products I would happily pay the difference!

Americans as usual doing everything bigger and better than in the UK!
This states that you will receive only 5 of the products shown, but this is the same in every country, the only difference across the world is the quality and the sizes of the product.
This sets the Americans back by $21.00 which is £12.50.
This is the second best box I've seen, I would love these to turn up at my house monthly!

This is by far the all around winner from our International Glossybox Contdown!
Of course you don't get everything, but one full sized Aussie bottle, then half of the other 8 products shown in this photo.
I'm extremely jealous of this box, it's amazing and the photo's of this I saw on instagram were shocking in comparison to what turns up on my door step every month.
This is the box you would get if you lived in Poland, and it's also amazingly the cheapest (we are the second cheapest, thats something...I guess) at 49 Zloty, which comes to a grand total of £9.60!

So are we somewhat cheated with our samples and products?
As we already have so many brands and choice in the UK that we don't need to be sent the products that others may have not heard of, but is it fair that others may be getting sent whole product bottles for roughly the same prices?
Due to this I asked Glossybox for the reasoning for this, but I don't know if I really got anywhere.

Their first tweet to me was after one or two but it seemed they were getting a little frustrated and slightly rude, I stayed calm in my response, but all I ever got from them was sound bites about future collaborations and boxes.
They also said they couldn't guarantee full sized products every time, to which I bought up the subject of not only the sizes but the quality of the products received.
There was no response to this.

As they were responding I thought I would ask the question that was going around since their badly thought out Instagram posting of a luxury range product that not many people seemed to receive, and upset those that didn't.

 It's not a very conclusive answer, but for those of you who like me didn't receive that particular product, this is the reason for the Instagramgate that I was given.

Do you subscribe to Glossybox in the UK?
Do you subscribe outside the UK, and how does your monthly subscription hold up?

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