Getting my Hollywood On...

Recently I spent a day pretending to be a Hollywood Starlet, and only had to go as far as Liverpool...!
Christine Collections is the place to check out for any Marilyn Monroe wannabe, impersonator, or even if you just wanted that amazing fancy dress costume no one else could top, and just fancied being one of the worlds biggest sex icons, she's your gal.
Working previously as a Marilyn impersonator, Christine started to make her own costumes for her day job, cutting patterns for figure hugging gowns, battling with sequins, feathers, and fringing, and learning how to create some of Hollywoods most famous gowns, she has now become one of the top makers of Marilyn dresses, dressing people all over the world in iconic gowns.

American born Christine has set up shop in Liverpool, UK, where she has started to branch out into prom dresses, bridal, and other costumes which are all recognisably inspired by movie starlets from the golden era of Hollywood.
One such venture is the reason I visited them last time I was north, a day of being styled, coiffed, and photographed in some of these amazing costumes, and it is a new service available from Christine's Collections.

When we first spoke of this service, she kindly asked me if there was any particular starlet I would like to embody on the day, and only one popped to mind.
For years people have mentioned Rita Hayworth to me, saying I reminded them so much of her, I wish I did look more like her as she is one of my favourite musical actresses, having such beauty and grace at all times.
I couldn't wait to embody one of my performing idols, after growing up watching her films, and dreaming of performing her dance numbers, and wearing her gowns, one of those wishes finally came true thanks to Christine.

Photographed by Nick Price in a studio just a short walk from Christine's studio, we started with the Rita look, the classic Gilda poster, and the film that made Rita's career.
As she is smoking in the poster, I posed with a cigarette, but it wasn't lit!
I actually managed to quite earlier this year so didn't dare tempt myself, and all smoke has been digitally added!

The next two looks we tried were so very different for me, and as you may have guessed what with Christine starting with Marilyn costumes, I got my Marilyn on...!

Nick was kind enough to take some behind the scenes photo's with my camera so I could show the outfits in full colour as well, tho I know, my hair isn't right!!
Wigs never work on me, I always have a few millimetres of my own hair poking out so we decided to go with my natural hair, and make it as similar as possible to the styles Marilyn wore with the original looks.
This is a lesser known Marilyn dress, actually from her first film at the age of 19 called Ladies of the Chorus, where she very aptly, played a burlesque dancer!
It made sense that I modelled this one!

The Final look is a more well known Marilyn number, from a much loved film, The Seven Year Itch...and no, it's not that one!!
This is the dress worn in the fantasy sequence of the film, and is a stunning number.
I felt very in character when wearing this one, if I could, this is one I would have just in case I even needed a jaw dropping stunning gown to wear, why don't we have more occasions for such things!

Okay so I'll probably never make an impersonator, so I won't give up the day job, but a girl can dream, can't she?!

This was such a fun day, and it would be perfect day for a hen do, birthday treat, or just because it's a Tuesday, so why not?!
These costumes are all available to order alongside so many more classic dresses from Christine's online store, and you can make an appointment to visit her at her workshop for any particular design you lust for.

She's done an amazing job on these costumes, and I wish I could dress up in classic hollywood style every day.
Would I stand out too much in this if I wore it to Tesco...?!
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