Here Comes the Summer....!

When you live in busy London, you are left with a few choices when the sun finally pops out.
Do you go to the local park and deal with the many families?
Hole up in a beer garden, despite not drinking....kinda boring actually.
Get stuck in tourist trap hell somewhere?
Or do as we did, and jump a train to Brighton Beach!

As we have a few friends who live down in Brighton we like to pop by every now and then, but as sadly trains cost £16 each it's a pricey day out, so we can't go as often as we would like.
I love to visit, it's full of so many quirky little shops, cute cafes, and much more it's a great escape from London and sometimes it's just great to get out of a city that's always on the go to a more relaxed sea side town.

I decided to pull on a very deckchair inspired coordinating set from MissGuided, which has quickly become a favourite for me lately while shopping for summer wear.
There's a huge amount of variety on there, and for great prices too. I had previously dismissed it as a shop I was probably "Too old for" but I never really dress my age.
This outfit was very much a risk for me, it's so different to everything else in my wardrobe, but as I can match each item with others or, like here, wear as one outfit I figured it was worth a try!

I love the pop art and matched it with my Quay Sunglasses from ASOS, which I love as do so many of you guys do too! 
I kept the rest of the outfit fairly simple, as it's a very bold print, teaming it with my Primark clutch, which will soon need replacing as £10 handbags don't last forever, and I have been over using it lately. I have my eye one some, which are all sadly unaffordable.
I also threw on my Lee Cooper pumps, they look identical to converse low tops, but due to converse now being owned by Nike, and their well known manufacturing habits, I refuse to buy from them.
These shoes look just the same, and are great for running around in.
The best bit? They cost me a tiny £15.00 from Sports Direct!

We loved our day in Brighton, and plan to visit again very soon, and hopefully get to hang around for a few days rather than rushing in and out.
Hopefully on that day it'll be a lot less windy, as you can see I was rather wind swept!
Do you have a sunny hide away spot?

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