Malones Vintage

A fellow performer, and a good friend of mine, has always made us feel rather envious of her amazing eye for vintage.
Be it clothes, accessories, or even homeware, she has an amazing knack for finding the most amazing pieces, which she has spent years travelling and hoarding for the last few years.
It was only about one year ago when Missy Malone finally revealed to me her plans and reasons for such collecting, and very exciting for me, a fellow avid vintage lover, it turned out that her goal was to set up a vintage boutique, Malones Vintage!
After seeing the pieces she had collected, and sometimes instagrammed I awaited the store with much excitement, knowing it was going to be an Aladdins cave of delights.

Now the store is live on Etsy, and also travelling the country for various trade shows, I can confirm it really is a treasure haul of delights, and has one of the best collections of vintage in the UK.
As well as the pieces acquired from a good eye, Missy sells items snapped up by fellow performers, myself included (if you like my style, keep an eye on her shop!) so it's always high quality amazing finds.

Recently a parcel arrived from Missy, containing an early 60's green dress, an era of fashion I really do love more than any, where the best of the 50's styles remained, but with more colour, flair, and of course, legs!
It's such a beautiful dress, with the details being both understated and eye catching.
It's been kept in very good condition too and Missy takes great care to ensure each item is either in good quality, or will take the time to repair items.

Of course this meant I had to get some photo's in it, and as Malones Vintage is full of high brand label vintage wear, as well as it's high quality non label vintage pieces, where better to go that London's street, devoted to amazing Vintage Pieces, Portobello Road.
I had a lot of compliments while wearing this dress from people in the street, I felt great wearing it but then it seemed to somehow spread a bit of colour into others lives and gaining me a lot of smiles and compliments!

Malones Vintage is regularly updated on the Etsy store, will items also popping up on the Facebook Fan Page. You can also find Malones Vintage in various vintage events, and trade shows around the country. I will leave the dates where you can find their stalls at the end of this post!
The main stock as always with vintage is ladies wear, but there is also mens wear available, and home wear too, so you can treat yourself, your other half, and pick up something for the home too.

There is a lot more items that will be popping up on their store, including some pieces from my own wardrobe which I shall link to as I see them on my Twitter and Facbook (links below), unless they are nabbed at a fair or market beforehand...!
This is one shop to bookmark and check frequently, some items on there I would happily give a home to so you may have to race me for those items.

Missy with one of my dresses!
You can find Malones Vintage Online, or at the following events! 

I shall be whipping out this dress a few times this Summer, while keeping an eye out on any other items Missy may have acquired and I can fit into, tiny isn't always good for vintage finds!
I also love these photos, in the most non vain way I can declare that...!

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