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Earlier this week, we were invited to the launch of Love Ur Look, an up and coming designer that will transport you back to a time of petticoats, martini's, and drive throughs.
When I received an email from Ronke about her designs with a link to her website, I had a peek and immediately fell in love with these fun, quirky designs, embodying the best of the 50's while also adding something very fresh and new to the reproduction designs I've seen popping up for the past few years.
With a different take on 50's fashion, they seem more unique and somehow more authentic while still being completely wearable, and what's best? They are also ethical, with up cycled trims and fabrics!

Love Ur Look is a one woman company, managed by Ronke Fashola and she is someone who knows exactly what she's talking about.
Running this store alongside her own professional stylist company,, and working as a lecturer at the London College of Fashion, she knows fashion inside and out, and has turned her hand to designing this new range of ethically made cute as anything dresses.
As well as her extensive knowledge of how to style and design, Ronke is also listening constantly to what her customers want from her designs, tweaking and working on every new range to bring out designs that suit, flatter, and are loved by everyone, and only getting better with every passing season.

Monday saw the launch of Pop at HOF, where a range of pop up shops which are all independently ran, opened their stalls on the ground floor of House of Fraser, and where these indie companies will be staying for two weeks, running from the 12th until the 26th of May.
We popped in to see Love Ur Look on their very first day of trading, and check out their adorable stall just past the perfumeries of HoF. 
Their stall caught my eye before I had even made it across the room, with such eye-catching designs they are easy to spot, and easy to choose at least five dressed you want before you actually reach the stall.

It is fantastic that House of Fraser are championing such a theme, and the evidence of the event was clear throughout the inside and outside of the store.
Hopefully other businesses will take suit in a time where people want to buy from independent smaller businesses rather than the many corporations that have taken over the high street.

Luckily for Ronke, the striped theme and pink structure matches her designs perfectly, and it looks utterly fantastic in an otherwise standard looking department store.
I met and talked to Ronke all about Love Ur Look, and the history of the company.
Launching only two years ago, it's one of the fresher companies on the reproduction style scene, and have avoided the trap of designs similar to others that I've seen before, bringing out an entirely unique collection that would be instantly recognisable as one of their items.
We had a lovely chat, but I kept being distracted....
I couldn't stop making eye contact with this particular dress, and we tried to figure out Macaroons, or cakes? Either way, delicious!

I couldn't stop going through the clothes, every design is so different, and has so many different styles too that you could fill your wardrobe without people realising that they are new designs, and not original vintage items.
We grabbed an armful of dresses, and off we went to play dress up!

Every girl loves Polka Dots, and this dress is no exception to the rule.
With it's practical and perfect atomic housewife look, I immediately fell in love with it, and I think Edd did too, maybe in the hopes I would keep the house spotless and act accordingly...!
I love any dress that comes with pockets, we don't get treated to them often enough, and the pockets on this dress are also incorporated into the design perfectly.
This is of course called the Polka Dot Tea Dress, and it's the perfect every day dress, that makes me want to dance and spin around in, and maybe I will even clean the house....!
(If I get given this in return, Edd...?!)

Next I came over all 40's cute farm owners daughter, the one that sings while she feeds the pigs, and catches the farm hands eye? Yeah, that one.
Country Gal Chic was never a look I thought I could pull off, but vintage it up a bit, and I'll happily collect the eggs and milk the cows.
Then again, maybe not...vegan thing...
I couldn't help but feel all girly in this, I'm sure I giggled more and skipped into position.
It's amazing the feeling a dress can have on you, and this Gingham number really bought out a summery happier Harrie, I just need the summer now!

Of course I had to try on the Macaroon Dress! As the fabric on this style is limited it's not going to be around for long, and is currently only available at the pop up store.
Fingers crossed more can be sourced and it'll make it into the online boutique, but if not this cut and style of dress is available in other prints.
I love the way the back buttons, it's such a lovely touch and makes it look all the more authentic.
I don't think these will last long at all in store, and be snapped up by some lucky lucky ladies!
If you can, get there quick!!

The Wiggle Dresses had a very different effect on me, going from the girl next door, to the vamp your mother told you to keep away from.
The cross front reminded me of Marilyn Monroe in Niagara and The Seven Year Itch.
I prefer the more fitted vintage styles when I go out, most of my vintage steals are more fitted numbers than circle skirts, tho I can easily appreciate both.
The sunglasses print gives a great contrast to the cut, and somehow made it seem just more interesting as a whole.

 Ronke was kind enough to gift me this amazing Rose Print Wiggle Dress, and I'm so absolutely in love with this design and print.
I felt great while wearing it, and Edd couldn't take the photo's without the occasional "oof!" so it's safe to say this has the all round thumbs up from both of us!
I want to do an outfit post in this, but I feel the need to be somewhere classical such as Paris, or Rome  to match the classic style, and unlimited sexiness this dress brings.
La Dolce Vita, now in colour!

The Last dress I tried was this City Print Dress, tho it reminds me more of a seaside town, and made me long to wear this on a hot sunny day on Brighton Beach!
You can all imagine it too, right?!
Ronke is manning the stall wearing her own designs (of course, if I could I would!) and this is the Floral Square Tea Dress.
Ronke was so lovely to talk to, we shared many laughs and got along very easily.
The colourfulness and playfulness of her designs make sense as her personality matches completely, and it was such a fun day, with some hilarious outtake photos!

Keep an eye out for Love Ur Look, as they do have pop up stores popping up all over London, and sometimes beyond! You may get to fall in love with their designs in person, but if not, there's always Online Dating!
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