May's Glossybox review, where we decide its Quality, not Quantity after all.....

I know this is a bit late, most people have already received their May's glossy boxes, but due to being away when it was attempted to be delivered, I've only just got mine!
The email I received from Glossybox claimed that 4 out of the 5 products would be full sized, and with some added extras too, and yes this is a claim they did keep!

Working alongside Superdrug, who are now celebrating 50 years on the high street, Mays box was a special celebratory design, and with products inside that you can of course pick up at your local Superdrug (or Boots....cos you get more points...).

After checking out what other people got, it seemed the variety of the products was a lot more vast in comparison to previous, where only one or two of the items would be the same.
I saw a few things I would have liked to try, and a lot of things I really have no use or interest in at all.
Guess which items I received....!?

All the items aren't really exciting products at all, they may be practical but when you sign up to these beauty boxes, you aren't really looking for a practical item you either already use, or have no reason or longing to.
The times were also of a cheaper quality compared to previous boxes, where the items were samples but of a better quality product you may have never heard of.

One of the first items I saw was the huge Vaseline spray moisturiser, which the guide referred to as a Handbag Saviour. 
I wouldn't carry around such a large product in my handbag! 
I gave it a try, and it does smell nice, and does the job but it is an odd sensation to spray on and rub in, but as my leg skin does category under lizard due to either being covered up or in the sun.
I will use this, purely because I should really, tho I have plenty of lovely Soap and Glory creams I'm just too forgetful to use up.
The second item I screwed up my nose at instantly. 
This £2.99 tub of Solait self tanning face cream.......I'm naturally very pale, and I do not ever, and never ever ever will use fake tans.
On the forms you fill to specify what product types you would prefer, I made no suggestion I would ever be interested in such a product, it also seems quite rude.
You actually sent a scouser fake tan.
Stereotyping much?
I'll admit I've not really paid any attention to this Garnier body oil, just that it's an oil in a sachet and I think that would just end terribly.

Another think I must have selected on the form was my hair type. It's straight, like poker straight and naturally dries that way without any input from me. In fact it is so poker straight, and boring that the last thing I would ever need or use, would be a bottle of Frizz Ease...
Seriously? A full bottle of a product that is absolutely useless to me.
The Scholl footmask, while of course not really being a product that would fill anyone with excitement and glee, will probably be useful as feet are gross.
I'll try it out, but I wouldn't have bought it myself, especially not at £7.99 a bottle.
Sorry people who like feet, I just don't think they're worth this effort!

Of course one sample sized product snuck in, which I'm pretty sure was in my last box too....?!
I just don't try samples tho, I think perfume is one of those things you kinda stumble across and use for years. 
No one I know say they chose a perfume because of a sample such as this, or those reelable ones in magazines. Does that type of marketing really work?
I don't know this brand, only referred to as B. but just from a quick glance at the bottom and seeing it labelled as "Coral" I knew this product wouldn't work for me.
I just don't suit these colours at all, in fact every make up product I have received from Glossybox has been entirely the wrong colour for my skin tone, type, or style.
I of course tried it, and the consistency is nice but the colour is so wrong, even Edd looked and told me to take it off immediately.
Anyone wear Orange lipstick...? Want one? Only been used once?! Sigh...

As I have enough "Glossydots" for reviewing the products online, I can get one more for free, but then my subscription is over.
I chased the thrill the first box came with, which was actually pretty okay, the colours were wrong as usual but I didn't open my box to immediate disappointment every month.
It may only be £10 a month, but I'd rather spend that on one or two full sized products I actually wanted, would use, and in colours that suited me.
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