Through Thin to Thick?

My hair is useless.
It sits there wisp of brown steam around my head, looking flat, mousey, and boring.
It's naturally poker straight, with no bounce or thickness and has lead me to survive on constantly pinning it up and ignoring it completely.
I'm so jealous of girls with natural beachy waves, thick long locks, and bouncy curls.
We should be able to work with what we are given and so with this in mind, I stocked up on various sprays that all promise or promote one thing, bigger hair.
Because the Bigger the Hair, the Closer we are to Heaven.

Anything that I read would add plump, textured waves, or volume was going into my Boots Basket, thank god for those advantage points!
So lets start it off with the double lifesaver, Dry Shampoo's!
Well, we've all been there, haven't we girls?!?

Batise is probably the most well known brand when it comes to dry shampoos, coming in many many different types, and sizes including a handy travel size for freshening up on the go.
I went for the volumizing formula and sprayed liberally in my roots.
These types rely on white talc like powder to freshen your hair, but does give you rather a 'Silver Fox' effect, even after massaging it in.
This particular one did make my hair seem a slightly bit more plumped up, but I actually found it best for up do's, giving me braids that looked thick and like normal hair!

This Tresemme isn't advertised as a thickening spray, but did make my hair seem a great deal bouncier, and without the use of white powder meaning I could spray in as much as I liked without worry, it also lasted all day which is something the Batise wasn't quite up to.
I will definitely be buying this one again, it did everything I want without any of the empty promises.

Backcombing sprays promise you will never have to tease and split your hair again to obtain a bee-hive, problem is tho is that you will.
This seems to have the same consistency as the dry shampoo's, leaving me once again with white talcum roots and needing to be massaged in.
It was good for braids, and gave slight volume but didn't last all day. 
I think this and Batise are just the same things in different cans.

Salt sprays were a completely new thing for me, having such straight hair I wasn't convinced I could even have tousled waves. 
I can't.
It left my hair a combination of sticky, wet, and limp which isn't what I was hoping for!
I'd heard good things, particularly about the Toni and Guy so I'll keep trying, but I'm so glad I bought the cheap travel version, rather than the £7.99 full sized bottle!
I'm hoping my hair will click with it one day, but I'm too in love with the affects of the dry shampoo's, which don't break the bank so they may be a regular purchase.

Have you found your volumizing dream formula yet?

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