In the Back Streets of London...

Everyone flocks to Oxford Circus, it's got all the shops, large department stores, and well known brands you could ask for. It's also hell to try to get from one end to the other, attracting tourists, fashionistas, and large families who like to stop suddenly inches in front of you, usually when you've taken a few seconds to look down at your phone and cause a domino effect that'll of course, be your fault.
I prefer taking the hidden away streets, just behind Oxford or Regent Street, and I don't just mean Carnaby Street!
The most well known would be Bond Street, home to the designer labels I could never afford, and where the sneaky high class cafes and department stores hide away.
Near this street, behind Bond Street Station is South Molton Street.
A much less busy area with tucked away boutiques, shop windows that will fill your heart with lust, and of course, a Lush Kitchen where you can pick up your Lush bits and pieces without the huge queues.

Although I already had plenty of Lush at home, I still have to pick up just one or two little bits when I go past...!
I had decided to wear a slightly more vintage outfit, throwing on my amazing Wool Jaeger vintage skirt that I picked up for an absolute bargain in a charity shop.

I teamed this with my new Zara green pumps that I kept whining about on Twitter, they are not my usual colour choice but they just spoke to me when I saw them, I had to buy them and at £25.99 they weren't too pricey either!
I'll admit I'm pretty bad at walking in heels, like Bambi on stilts, my steps are usually unsure and possibly comical, but these aren't too bad and I managed okay.

I am still loving this Primark £10 handbag, I've always been one of those giant handbag carrying girls, but it's quite liberating just taking the bare essentials and not giving myself arm ache.
I may have to invest in some more tiny bags!

Before we escaped the clutches of Oxford Street I noticed a new feature, a fresh Coco Face coconut stand! 
Is this the new Sugared Doughnut stand for a more health conscious generation!?
It was £4.00 and fresh as it could possibly be, it's such a great way of hydrating on the go, and as I have a bad habit of not drinking enough, hydrating quickly is a must for me.
It's a little inconvenient to carry around tho, it's definitely a two hand job for me with my tiny hands!
I've freshened my nail colour for spring, going for a quite girly neutral look with Ciate Amazing Gracie (the light pink) and Looking Glass (the silver glitter), it goes so well with the coconut!

Back in the sunnies again! I had to team my 60's style Quay Sunglasses with the rest of this outfit, I'm gutted to have recently lost my round pair from ASOS that's been in so many outfit posts lately, I need to get some more, but too many choices!
The necklace was a gift from my Mum, so I don't know where it is from sorry, but it got a lot of lovely comments, even from a lady working at Butler & Wilson, guessing it was nowhere near their prices!
I just love to combine a necklace around the collar of these primark shirts, it's such a striking look, I'm also still on the hunt for more as the colours I wanted were sold out.

The shops and buildings on South Molton Street are so cute and pretty, next time you find yourself in Oxford Circus beat the crowds on this little road, with it's mix of cafes, interesting shops, and lack of crowds, it's the perfect hide away when you've walked into the 20th tourist in a row!

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