Lush Haul - now in Video....!

At last, we come in video format!
There are captions available, just click the youtube link on the bottom right corner to view on youtube to access the subtitles.
In case the 404 Bomb is still available, here is the link I used!
So now to the promised reviews!

Rose Bubble - It smelt amazing once in the tub, and did make for a bubble filled bathtub which sadly didn't last forever, but I very much enjoyed while they were there.
I didn't come out covered in pink glitter, and I wish the smell could follow me out of the bath! Please make this a perfume Lush people...!!

Sympathy for the Skin - My skin feels heavenly, but I'm still not convinced about Eau Du Banana's one smell that did stay! Love banana scent? This is the pot for you!

Thank you for watching, and tune in next Sunday!
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