Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in Video!

This is our 50th post!!
How? I don't know, we really have been busy!
To catch up with the rest of the internet, and for something a bit different today, we bring you CATS!

There are Four Rules of Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, luckily one of those rules isn't that you can't talk about Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, because you will tell EVERYONE!
It's become the latest hot spot in London's Hipster Village of Shoreditch, located just next to Brick Lane, and it's been constantly booked up since it opened.
It is a publicly funded venture, with the cafe being opened thanks to generous donations made by the cat loving public, and has generated much excitement since the rumours of it actually opening came to light.
I was lucky enough to get a rare booking, but it was three weeks away.
Finally that day has come! 
As we waited to enter we overheard them telling someone who walked in that it is currently booked up until August, but follow them via twitter where some cancellations are advertised but work on a first come first serve basis.

So onto the cafe!

The rules of the cafe state that you mustn't pick up the cats, pet or try to play with them while they are sleeping or eating, and not feed them people food.
The problem however with cats is that they can tend to be standoffish, so will only sit on your lap if you're allergic to them. 
If you are, I wouldn't recommend visiting this cafe.
The other problem with cats is that they sleep, a lot. 
Like, all the time, and when they weren't sleeping they were either trying to, or pretending to.

We were quite peckish as our appointment was at lunch, so I was happy to see they serve vegan options too, and opted to get a vegan tart.
This is where it got interesting.
Our waiter was the Hipster equivalent of Manwell, and turned the food ordering and receiving portion of our visit into Fawlty Towers, with cats.
We placed our order with some confusion that seemed to be rectified.
He gave me a pot of tea which I realised wasn't the Rooibos I ordered, and when I asked he gave us the line of the day, we have repeated this often since.
"I don't know, I'm literally just Waitering here."
Best. Excuse. For. Anything. Ever.

The food arrived, and the savoury tart was surprisingly good, a little too good....!
It tasted like egg, cheese, and all of those forbidden things but three people all confirmed it was indeed vegan. 
It was delicious but I think it's impression was so good, it convinced my stomach and made me a little poorly later on that day. 
I shall spare you the details.

Edd's Ploughmans was a cake stand full of cheeses, salad, fruit, and one single bun. 
He decided against the Scooby Doo route and did his best to make the one bun last rather than pile it all sky high.
The cakes however were delicious, and there was more than one vegan option, tho the one I ordered was sold out.

Some of the cats did liven up during our visit, coming out of their various hiding places, and I petted every one I could get my hands onto.
Some of the cats are pretty shy, but as they are generally rescue cats they have all been bought up in very different environments.
Sadly I got no cat cuddles, and none came to sit with us, or anywhere near us, but I have never known a cat to be extroverted, and with 11 cats being hounded by 30 people or so for two hours at a time I could understand why those hiding spots seemed so tempting.
If I was them, I would be hiding too.
You people...with your camera phones.
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