The Vegan Kind Beauty Box

I tried out The Vegan Kind's food boxes a while ago, vegan snacks and treats delivered to your door? Yes please! But now that they have released their first beauty box instalment, I knew I had to try it.

I noticed their instagram account was hinting with pictures of Lush items, and then revealing a whole new instagram account especially for their beauty boxes, which suggests this is definitely a whole hearted venture from this company, and that there is plenty more to come.

The beauty boxes cost more than the food ones, costing £15 plus P&P instead of the snack boxes £10 plus P&P but is currently running, according to their website, as a one off box subscription.
With this blog regularly championing vegan and cruelty free products, and of course having reviewed them before I put in an order straight away.

Unlike other beauty boxes from places such as Glossybox and Birchbox, the outer box doesn't contain another one inside, which although not great for presentation, is better for the planet.
I was a little disappointed that it didn't look wholly exciting when I had opened it up, and I was kind of expecting a bit more for my £17.00.

With so many available companies and brands that offer cruelty free, and a majority of vegan friendly products, I was again disappointed not to see any familiar brands, or even more exciting brands than those inside. I was also disappointed that despite all the photographs including Lush on their page, there weren't actually any Lush products involved in the box.
Although I'm a big fan of independent companies, a mix would have been a much nicer collection to team well known brands with new and up and coming brands.

There is a guide inside the box that will tell you all about the products inside, so I shall list the products in the same order as they have! 
I'll start with the Inkina kohl eyeliner, I'm not a big user of kohl as it tends to go everywhere but the neatly drawn line I started out with at the beginning of the day.
This claims to be anti smudge, but when testing on the back of my hand it did indeed smudge when tested. I shall try it out for a day, but will keep an emergency liquid liner at the ready, as experience tells me that this is a necessary back up.

Any regular readers will know that I've recently invested in some new make up brushes, but I suppose one more couldn't hurt.
This is a stippling brush from Australian company Furless, best used to set powders which I don't actually wear but might work as a new primer brush, tho I'm rare to use primers these days as well!
Furless have a very interesting looking range of brushes, but as they are shipping from australia you would be waiting forever for them to arrive, and may be stung by customs charges. 
The makeup brush brand Zoeva, who I have lately been championing have a range of vegan brush sets, and ship efficiently and quickly from Germany, maybe TVK should look into them for next time?

I've never been a fan of any products that claim to be skin 'water', I've tried now from TVK before and although the smell was lovely, it had no effect on my skin.
I fear that this will be the same, but the smell is delicious so I'm hoping it's actually good for the skin.
I may opt to use this not to take off make up, as I wouldn't want make up reside left on my skin, but to use at the end of a make up free day to cool my skin.

Sorry guys, but I just can't get excited by eyeshadows! Especially loose shadows as I'm that super accident prone girl that will spill it all over my other make up and be trying to get rid of all traces of it for months...!
This however is the only product in the box that is readily available on the high street, but from Holland and Barretts rather than a Boots or Superdrug.

The colours of them are very metallic so would be a little much for everyday, and I know that once I resealed these up and put them back into the box, I probably won't get them out again.
If you are a fan of loose shadows, they may be worth a shot as the colour does come out strong, but for me I shall stick to my Urban Decay palettes for vegan eyeshadows.

This product had me rather excited, that was until I realised it wasn't actually a white chocolate bar, but a bath melt.
As a full on Lush addict, my bathroom is bursting with bubble bars, bath bombs, and loads more so I would have been much happier to have actually received another Lush item, as the instagram account lead me to think would be inside, than this melt which I know I'll never use when I have so many options that seem so much better.
I think the initial disappointment from the first peek into the box stayed with me throughout, so I wasn't very excited by any of these products.
The idea itself is fantastic but with brands such as Lush, Barry M, Urban Decay and so many more having vegan make up products readily available, the boxes should really host a mix of more accessible products that people may want to buy more of offline.
Most of the brands have discount codes on the info sheet too if people do decide to try out anymore of their products.
The contents of this box amounts to £37.50 in all, so considering the £17.00 cost it isn't a bad deal, it's just not a deal I think I would make again.
I'm off to Lush....
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