Might as well Face it....You're Addicted to Lush....

I am a complete and utter addict, so much so that I have become the Nancy Spungen in our relationship and spread the addiction onto Edd.... At least its a much cleaner addiction eh?!
The Lush store in Liverpool are also complete enablers, knowing well of my Lush addiction, they fuel the flames by giving me new and amazing items to use and review.
My house actually smells like Lush, and we like it.

As Lush products are the most requested review item however, I'm always very happy to receive and try all of these products, which I only do for you guys...of course.
I was given a lovely goodie pack of all new items, and as they know me well they are lovely and caring enough to only give me items that are completely vegan.
It's lovely that they understand and take the care, I also love that their vegan products are very clearly labelled and makes shopping there so much easier for us types.

I love a good face pack, it has been a while since I used one but this was a great introduction back into them, and I shall be sure never to neglect stocking up on them again.
It just helps to make a bath feel that extra more pampering while helping to take care of every inch of your skin.

Let the Good Times Roll is a new face and body wash, which I was shocked to see had pieces of popcorn in! It also contains polenta, which I haven't cooked with for a while so this little pot did make me kinda hungry!
Scoop a bit out and rub it between wet hands for a sandlike quality, the smell is something that may take getting used to, I'm still undecided if it's a pleasant or just a weird smell, but it gives a really good deep clean.
Instead of the effect that my beloved Movis soap gives of squeaky clean, this just left my skin feeling really soft and smooth, I will keep using this for beautiful glowing skin!

I've always gone for Love Lettuce or Cupcake when buying a face mask, tho it seems that by doing that I have missed loads of new amazing ones popping up.
Luckily since this was given to me to try it has forced me to try something new.
It's a bit more of a clay consistency than the others I've just mentioned, but blueberries are a superfood and are perfect for feeding your skin too.
This is a great mask for bad skin moments, I've noticed some flare ups settling down since I used it and I may need a Lush mask section in my fridge to try even more of them!

We all love Lush for the bath bombs, but there's so many amazing products there that they have slowly taken over our bathroom, from shower scrubs, to shampoo and conditioner bars, we have loads of bottles of shampoo and conditioners etc sat gathering dust while we keep stocking up on shampoo bars to even tooth paste tabs!
Their face and body care products are simply amazing, every bath and shower had lead to us feeling super clean, fresh and amazing for even longer.

An interesting combination I know, but these three are a massage bar, a body buffer, and a face serum that rivals Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour cream...
The therapy bar (on left) I snapped up as I had heard amazing things about the Lovely Jubblies cream fading stretch marks really well and easily, but sadly for me it isn't vegan.
The Therapy bar is however, and contains some very similar ingredients including those that fade stretch marks.
It may take some time but I'm hoping it is just as miraculous, but it's a very easy way of giving your skin some hydration.
The smaller bar to the front is a solid facial serum, simply rub it between your hands and apply to face before bed.
It's a more natural alternative to the 8 hour cream, and does feel like it will do some good, but sadly for me personally as it is made from mushrooms, which I'm horribly allergic to I felt too paranoid to have to it on for very long!
I shall be passing it to my mum however, who I'm sure will love it, I shall try to make her leave her thoughts on it at some point!
The black bar is a new body butter bar called quite aptly "You Snap the Whip" which is filled with charcoal and pumice, as well as macadamia nut oil and cocoa butter so you get an amazing scrub while also giving your skin softening and smoothing benefits.
It's rather messy tho, with black splashes in the shower, plus it spreads on in a way that made me feel like a warrior applying mud before a battle, but since my skin has felt so soft and smooth since I'll just have to rinse the tub more thoroughly as it's staying in my bathroom!

What's your favourite Lush product?
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