Polagram and Polaroids!

I love pictures, I enjoy taking them for this blog, I like posting pictures to instagram, sharing them on Facebook and twitter for maximum appreciation of a good shot, whether it's a beautifully lined up carefully executed and edited shot of some painstakingly baked and prepared cupcakes, or if it's a very well angled selfie with flattering light I will share it with the world!
If you read on the regs you'll know I treated myself, rather shamelessly, to a baby blue Instax Polaroid camera, and have been taking lots of snapshots of me with my nearest and dearest that always make a conversation flow while awaiting the picture to develop to share the results.
I had loads of these mini snapshots in piles or loose around my flat everywhere, till I finally stumbled on the perfect way to display them!

Hanging plastic albums especially designed for all your mini instax photo's to slot into and display!
I found these on the magical site of eBay and had to get four of these, due to already having so many photo's, but also because I decided these would look lovely on the wall of my office where I can see loads of lovely happy moments with my friends and family.
I also thought they would look more effective lined up as four straight albums next to each other to make a photograph filled section.

I'm glad I found these on a hunt for more film for the camera, it's given me so many reasons to keep carrying my camera around with me and getting more amazing shots to display.
As well as buying these I finally examined the new trend of having your uploaded snaps turned into real life photos!

I downloaded an app called Polagram where you can link your instagram, Facebook, or twitter account to choose your preferred photos, before choosing how you would like them to be printed.
I opted for polaroid style photo's to match my mini ones, and also because they're just way more fun and kitsch! 
I chose my 20 favourite instagram snapshots, some you may recognise from my feed, of my favourite moments and photo's from the past six months to add them onto my office wall to make me feel happy and inspired when writing new posts.

It cost all of 29p per photo, no matter which style of print you opt for, the options are polaroid, classic which are squarer shots without the border, and regular old fashioned photos your parents may have loads of.
As well as these styles of picture, you can also choose to get large prints (8"x8" or 8"x10") for £1.99 each, a poster with a collection of 35 pictures for £16.90 which I'm tempted to get at some point, it actually looks quite cool, a photo book album for £19.90, or even more amazingly, your favourite ever photo (selfie!) on an iPhone case (either 4 or 5) for £19.90.
These would all make amazing gifts, you could if someone very special to you trusts you with their passwords, get one of these made for them as an amazing surprise gift.

It costs extra for the shipping, and you can easily go overboard on ordering way too many of your most loved shots, but I'm really happy with these and will most likely order again, I just don't know what just yet....!!
Polagram also works on a points system, where you can share codes with friends they gain points with too, and these can then be used to pay for more prints, if you want to try them out my personal code is PGN33CHP .
They turned up after a few days, and I was so excited to get them pinned up to my walls, as they just make me smile oh so much, I love my friends a lot so having all of these lovely memories and reminders was too sweet not to share! <3
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