Zoeva Brushes and Gel Eyeliner...

After my Rose Gold Zoeva set, I just needed to buy some more and with the amount of choice available from the Zoeva website, my wish list was and still is growing.
I decided to only get three items in this order, but I just know I'll be back again ordering more as soon as my bank balance allows it.

As the only brushes I had previously came in a set which included a makeup bag I had not seen how the brushes actually turn up for individual orders, so I was quite pleased to see how well and hygienically packaged they are, in individual sealed zip locked packages, and with the same care and perfection as the sets.

After trying the Gel Eyeliner brush that came with the Rose Gold set, I decided I had to get another for thinner barely there gel liner, and also for eyeliner flicks with perfect precision. 
I was a bit fed up of my current eyebrow brush, I'd spent a lot of money on it as it was a really thin precise brush, but it has lost it's shape completely, so I decided to get another for a more bargain price  of €6.80.

The gel liner brush is made from nylon bristles, so are easy to clean whenever required. It is also priced at €6.80 so are very reasonably priced of such high quality brushes.
The eyebrow brush however is made from vegan taklon which is used to make high quality make up brushes that are vegan, cruelty free, and also allergy free while still giving the highest quality.
All of their brushes are clearly labelled on their website for vegan friendly, and also what the brush bristles have been made from.

The gel liner is called Black Lace, and is a deep black matte, with the slightest hint of blue to give a more striking look. I found it's better to apply only if wearing eyeshadow, otherwise the natural eyelid oils makes it transfer and fade, whereas using with an eyeshadow makes it stay put and look fresher for longer.

The liner and brush give the cleanest and sharpest lines, so is quite easy to manipulate into the right place on the lid, and with some practise if you (like me) aren't used to using gel liners.
You can see the brush is teeny tiny too so I'm hoping I can perfect using this new technique for grown up and subtle flicks.

I used both of these brushes in Sundays Vlog too, just click to view the next blog or scroll down to see them in action!
I'm a complete Zoeva convert, with so so many brushes for so many things, plus cruelty free and vegan options so readily available at reasonable prices they may become my new addiction.

Have you tried them yet?
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