Memebox Birthday Edition

I loved my last Memebox (pronounced MiMi) so when I got an email telling me they had sent me another package I was so excited to see what was inside!
This time it was their Birthday Box No. 42 (the meaning of life...!) with a range of products from Korean beauty brand, i Belivyu, and as it was my birthday as the box came out I believe it was fate!

It turned up beautifully wrapped, and it was lovely to have a little late gift arrive too!
I was surprised at how full this box was, possibly as I'm so used to the british beauty boxes and the huge amount of space left in each box....
As the ingredients and info on the products were generally written in Korean there was again the handy guide which tells you all the information you need to know about the products.

All of the products inside are full sized too, which means I'll be using them for a while yet!
This all in one is a one stop shop for cleanliness, and the smell is just lovely too, it has a mix of apricot, carrot, green tea, rosemary, gold extracts (!?) and more which makes it smell like a spring afternoon picnic in a park surrounded by flowers and freshly cut grass.
The large pump makes it so easy to use, and it's great for quick morning showering before you have to run out of the door.

I've been stocking up on hand creams lately, so to receive four all different scented ones...?!
Be still my beating heart!
They're all smaller creams so will fit into my handbag fairly easily, the only problem will be trying to decide which scent to go for each day, or do I use them one by one till they run out??
They are full of vitamin E, shea butter, and argan oil but each with a different flower extract, one of course is rose, another sunflower, and the purple lavender, but there is also safflower seed oil which is a new one for me, so I shall opt for this one first.

These two caused the loudest "OOOH!" from me, once I figured out the slide action and glanced the bottles slowly ascending from the packaging I could imagine having these stood in a row in the worlds chicest bathroom.
They look like a mix between science supplies, and baking supplies.

The sugar cube scrub are cubes filled with extra vitamins and baking soda to give a deep clean, but they also contain lemon oil and extracts for super clean skin. 
You can also use these as a shower wash, or drop into your bath but as you need a few to drop in, but only one to clean face with I think I'll stick to using them as a face wash.
The Powder wash also contains vitamins, but also macadamia and olive oil for soft skin and hydration.
I'm guessing this one will last much longer as there is more inside, but even when they are empty these bottles may have to live inside my bathroom.

Sadly this box has now sold out, Memeboxes generally get snapped up really quickly, and as they are the largest Korean beauty box supplier, supplying not only Korea, but the world you have to get in there quickly!
There are plenty of other amazing boxes to chose from, and we have a special discount code available for our readers! If you would like to give on of their boxes a try, simply type in HAH3SH for a $5 discount, valid until the end of August.

These are the best beauty boxes I have ever had delivered to my door, every box leaves me full of excited anticipation, it's definitely an experience everyone should try.
Will you give them a go?

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