Happy Daze - Lush's new Gift Box

I returned to Lush recently for another treatment, which was a late birthday present from Edd and a treatment I've wanted to try for a while, The Comforter.
Mini review, it was lovely and probably the cosiest I had ever felt, the downside however is that it's all heat and warmth based, and I managed to book it in during a heatwave! I will definitely have it done again, but during winter where a cosy warmth treat would be amazing, recommended, five thumbs up.

After my treatment I was gifted from the lovely people at Lush, to their latest gift box, Happy Daze to try out and review for you lovely lot here, it's a hard job!

The box was enough to make me do a squeaky noise, it's all so psychedelic, and seems to have been inspired by one of my favourite new bath bombs to come out recently, Granny Takes a Trip, which is of course included in this gift set.
Inside are two bath bombs, and two mini bubble bars, which look adorable especially in comparison to their full sized counterparts! 

I love the personal touches from Lush, inside the hand wrapped (they aren't done by machine ya know!) package I could see the friendly cartoon style face with information about who packed and prepared this box, and it's quite nice to have a company that despite being so big, still care and celebrate their staff members.
It makes them still have the caring company vibe, one which I feel a lot when I visit their stores and use their products.

I remember when Lush used to package their boxes with popcorn, but it always made me wonder if the popcorn would be as tasty as it smelt, this may be why they changed it....because of idiots like me!
Lush are an eco friendly company so their packing peanuts are actually water soluble and bio degradable too.
They really have this guilt free shopping thing down...!

If you are yet to try Granny Takes a Trip, you simply must!
I was drawn to buying it due to the colours and sixties style design, but once I popped it into the bath it started to melt away in the most amazing psychedelic way that I called Edd in to look and we just stood over the bath watching it fizz away for a bit before I remembered to get into it.
The smell is also amazing, and it's quite a generously sized bath bomb too!
I had never tried to Fizzbanger till I got this box, so it was the first item that I tried.
It's got quite a strong lemony scent, I wondered if I would end up smelling like a meringue! 
We had a long week at ours so decided to cosy up in the bath together and see how it worked for both of us.
It fizzed and popped and filled the bath with its gorgeous scent while Edd declared that it "Looked like a planet!"
Once we were in we noticed a blue spot starting to appear while it span itself around, and suddenly the water became an amazing bright green! 
May have to get this one again!

The comforter is one of my all time favourites, I need this smell bottled.
The mini one is so cute that I almost feel bad to use it, is display bath bombs a bit too far fetched?!
I hadn't long stocked up at a Lush store so I already had a huge Comforter bar, and had also bought the Brightside bar which also came as a mini in this gift box.
The smell of the bright side was also so amazing I had to buy it and give it a try, but I have been advised that mixing the two into one bath will make it smell like tutti frutti!
This is such a cute lovely little box, perfect for anyone who wants their baths to be a whole experience as well as a warm lovely break from the rest of the world.
The Happy Daze Box is a bargain £14.95, and saves you worrying about wrapping it too, Lush is the perfect last minute gift, but just in general they're always welcome!
Granny Takes a Trip? I'm coming with...
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