Hope Girl - Leopard Print Dreams

Alongside the amazing Memebox I wrote about last week, a few extra items were put into the parcel from a make up brand called Hope Girl.
Another popular Korean based brand, and available worldwide via the Memebox shop, they promise high quality products and since they are popular in 18 different countries so far, I guess that is a promise they have kept!

I loved the look of the leopard print on the packaging, so imagine my glee when I saw that the actual products themselves have leopard print details too!!
The designs are just the right mix of kitsch, retro, and girliness for me, they will be left on the top of my dressing table for the world to see, that packaging is so cute it really must be displayed.

In the miniature nail polish set, housed in a little box with suitcase style handles, there were three different shades of gold mini nail paints in the dainty little bottles.
They look so cute, but I think they'll make me come over all bond girl flashing my long golden finger nails at every opportunity.

The powder pots are absolutely adorable, they will look amazing on any make up stand or dressing table, I kinda wish I could find these on sale in the UK so I can see the full range in one place, tho I worry that I'd end up spending all the money I had left in the world before rolling around on the flor surrounded by products shouting "But they're so cuuuuute!" while Edd looked on disapprovingly and tutted.

The powder brush picked up a generous amount of the colour, and it's such a lovely colour too.
It's the perfect shade of deep muted pink that will make a beautiful refresher blush for autumn, a season I love to compliment due to the beautiful colours of the falling leaves.
I'll be keeping this one perched on top of my dressing table, awaiting the season change when I shall put away the highlighter and the apricot blush to swap for this more adult sophisticated tone that I shall match with cosy jumpers and hot chocolates.

This lovely little poofy pink powder is a perfumed body powder thats easily applied and absorbed onto the skin for a lovely fresh clean scent.
It's quite fun to apply using the built in puff and gives this particular product a vintage feel and felt so luxurious I may have to apply this powder fresh from the bath, wearing a baby doll and pretending to be Jayne Mansfield.

Not only was a gifted with these amazing powders and nail polish paints, but pretty much given a whole new look with mascara and lipstick, of course in matching packaging! 
I'm a huge lover of red lipstick so I was glad to see they had sent me a red shade to try, this one is Chicago Red.
Again the packaging is what I can only describe as 'squee-licious' and I can imagine I may make a little section to house these leopard print packaged items together to show them off as much as possible.

Is it just me, but as well as being such lovely cute products, don't they just photograph really well...?!?!
This make up has given me an entirely new look just ahead of the season change, and all finished with a lovely vintage lip and fluttering eyelashes.
This company have so much more to offer too, I'm eyeing up their lip glosses that come intact with an LED light and mirror on the side!
You can buy these products, and so much more from our Korean beauty box friends, Memebox via their website, you can also pick up the latest Memebox while there, and get a $5 discount using this special code for our readers - HAH3SH - valid until the end of August.
Will you follow your leopard print dreams?
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