Lucky Dip Club - Pet Parade...!

My regular readers will know that I'm a big fan of independent companies, and champion them as regularly as possible, they'll also know I love surprise boxes that feel like a little christmas coming to your door every month, so a combination of the two had me oh so ridiculously excited.
It wasn't the first time I had tried to nab a Lucky Dip Club box, as they are a one woman company there is a limited amount available, and they have usually sold out before I've managed to order.

Luckily this time I managed to get my order in for the Pet Parade box, and some are still currently available on their online store.
If you are a fan of crafting and handmade, you may have heard of Leona Thrift-ola before. 
She has ran crafty blogs, and set up her company Lady Luck Rules OK, a company who's jewellery I have been coveting and buying since they launched in 2002.

This is Leona's latest business, launching in April this year but already taking off very quickly!
Each month on the 1st a new box is launched with a completely different theme, and filled with handmade, quirky, and kitsch items.
If you manage to nab one before they sell out, from the 1st to the 7th they are a bargain £15, after the 7th if any are left (and thats a big if...!) they will be available in the store for £25, which is still a very reasonable price for all the items inside.

The boxes are packed with such care and attention to detail that they really feel special when opening them.
Every item is individually wrapped but in a way that just screams cuteness overload.
I couldn't wait to tear everything open, but felt like I should take just as much care opening them, that I was a bit upset when I accidentally ripped one of the paper bags!

Each package is personalised, and there were two options for the Pet Parade box, one for cat lovers, and one for rabbit lovers. You are asked to specify, but also if you had any pets, to give their names for handmade personalised items.
Each box also contains a hand written personal note from Leona, which is a lovely touch, especially when you consider how many have been made and sent each month!
If you follow Lucky Dip Club on instagram you can see the updates of the boxes about to be sent and there's huge piles and piles of these boxes, I wonder if she ever gets to sleep!

As I don't have any pets (soon I hope..!!) the brooch that could be set as customised for pet names was set to Cats are Ace, which I do agree with so works perfectly for me! It's also very sweet and I have become somewhat a fan of a good brooch recently.

As well as the brooch there are these kitten necklaces, which caused much amusement for me as I'm always telling people they have to supply me with a 'Basket of Kittens' whenever asked, so now someone has kind of delivered!
There was also puppies in baskets for those who are not kitten inclined.

I'm not too sure what I will use these gift tags for as of yet, but I do now hold the belief that all gift tags should from now on be kitten, or at least, animal shapes.

By far my favourite item in this box was these valentines kitten socks, which I have since been wearing around the house, and have already posted a quick snapshot of over on my Instagram page, along with loads of other sneak peeks from this box.
I need more socks just like these, but with different patterns and prints as it may make me actually start to wear socks outside of winter!

All of the items are handmade or designed by Leona, but as well as all the lovely items inside the box ready for you, there is also some crafting for you to do yourself!
I would like to think I'm crafty but haven't been particularly in recent months so this was a lovely nudge to get back to crafting.
After making these I did actually order myself some cross stitching kits so I'm hoping to get back into crafting as a lovely little hobby.

This months crafting project was for some budgie bunting, and with a new office to decorate I was pretty happy to have something new to put on my otherwise new bare walls.
It was a little tricky cutting around the budgies well, if I had these at my parents house I would have been passing them over to my dad to cut out using his scalpel and graphic designer eye, but alas I got to work using some not very sharp nail scissors and hoped for the best.

There was also miniature pegs and butchers string to attach them too, but as I also have loads of the polaroids I talked about in last Thursdays blog I had the idea to break up the budgies with my favourite snapshots, which I actually really like the final look of.
I've even ordered some butchers string and mini pegs to make more rows of, and the two final budgies will be added in with those rows too to really display everything in a fun and colourful way.

As well as the budgie cut outs there were some bow ties and sticky dots to add some bows to them, tho one seems to have got their bow stuck in the wrong place......uh oh!
The bunting really sets my colourful desk space off perfectly and given me the idea of how to display more so I'm really happy for that as well as all the lovely items I received in my box.
I can't wait till the next instalment when I hope I'll manage to nab another as I'm a bit gutted I couldn't get my hands on the Sundae Girl box, and seeing all the picture of them on instagram have made me jealous!

Fingers crossed for me come September 1st!
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