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Not long ago I did a Vlog on my Latest in Beauty Glamour Edit box, the results were.....less than great, but I did notice when on their site that their online store is just a little bit amazing.
They must read my blog too, as one of the smaller boxes on offer was a Caudalie anti-wrinkle set for a bargain £9.95 including shipping. People may be saying to themselves now "Anti-wrinkle cream?! You look about 12." but I am now 29, less than a year from 30 which is about the right age to introduce anti wrinkle serums and creams into your skin routine, plus my laughter lines have been getting deeper lately...

Made with grape seed and vitamin C, it's an anti wrinkle set with added anti-oxidants for healthier skin and reduced lines.
The best bit is that the set is all cute travel sizes too, which is great for this holiday season, especially if you're spending time in the sun as the creams help protect from UVA rays (still, wear sunscreen tho!).

As well as the Caudalie items, I treated myself to some little night cream miniatures, in the hope it works its miracle magic onto my skin over night and I awake looking radiant (pah, that'll never happen!).
I opted for this teeny tiny but adorable L'Occitane Divine Cream, which is another anti ageing miracle cream, a slightly larger Trilogy night cream which encourages the skin healing properties of your skin overnight.
I also bought a new hand cream also from Caudalie, as I've noticed my hands feel tight and dry these days, I guess my hands are ageing too....!!

All of the Caudalie Polyphenol set was absorbed into the skin nicely, and left no greasy feeling but instead lovely soft skin which made the perfect base for my make up.
As of course these things take time to see the benefits I shan't make any over the top declarations of love and loyalty, but I have always loved the Caudalie products I have used before, and at only £10 for this set it is definitely worth a trial.

As the hand cream has the same grape seed extract as the anti-wrinkle cream, I had to add this Caudalie hand cream into my basket, at only £4 for the tube it seemed daft not to...!
The only shame is that you can't choose which selection of the three you receive, I wanted the one labelled "pamplemousse"as it reminded me of the french film 'Populaire' which I loved but this one is just as lovely, and my hands feel gloriously soft.

As I'm still trying to rid my face of some scarring and discolouration from my last mad bout of hormones (thanks body...) anything that can help to rejuvenate and repair my skin is a must, so when I saw these little miracle pots I had to try them.
The L'Occitane mini pot only has enough applications for between 3-5 nights according to the Latest in Beauty site, so I'm hoping that means it works it's miracle quickly to inspire people to buy the full sized pot, and the reviews I have seen only say good things so shelling out £4 for this mini tester pot didn't seem so bad. 
The Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream had about 4-6 weeks of applications in there, and cost £1 at £5 for this mini pot.
This works with your natural skin to encourage repairs overnight, and is filled with natural goody ingredients such as the superfood Acai berry.

I'm hoping these products lead to amazing and beautiful skin, and this package totally peaked my interest to trying out more things from the Latest in Beauty store.
Most items are sample sizes, but this is rather useful for stocking up before a trip as there is a pretty wide range and types of product. 
There are the odd full sized item there too, and new items are being added all the time.

Maybe the best beauty box is the one you make yourself after all.
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