Lush Makeup...

Any of you who remember B Never Too Busy... may have tried their products and fallen in love with their amazing range of pigments, adorable packaging, and wonderful products.
I was quite a fan myself, loving their lip glitter pots of which I still have some left, until they sadly closed down a few years ago.
Those in the know would know that B Never was the sister make up range from Lush, and those in the loop will know that Lush have been slowly introducing make up products into their stores, with an excitingly ever larger growing selection. 
With products now ranging all the way from foundations, to eyeliners, lipsticks and more, and all of them vegan friendly to boot, their range has slowly bit by bit been sneaking into my make up bag, and becoming part of my daily make up routine.

It all started with the Eyes Right mascara, something I constantly recommend to everyone, and constantly on this blog.
As someone who always had sore tired eyes, and irritated eyes due to false lashes and eyeliner I used to have to throw away mascaras once a month as an eye irritation popped up again and again.

Now thanks to this natural, and very kind mascara, made with wheatgrass and other natural ingredients my eyes have been completely saved, and irritated eyes are very much a rarity now thanks to this mascara.
Friends who I have recommended it to who have given it a try have always thanked me for telling them about it, and I'm slowly converting them all one by one.
At £12.00 a bottle it may seem pricey, but to keep your eyes feeling good, and also being able to use a whole pot without worrying about the germs it's completely worth the investment.

Due to the mascara being so amazing, I had to also snap up the black eyeliner as soon as it returned in store.
Eyeliner has been part of their make up range for a while, with a massive amount of colour options to choose from such as many shades of blue, green, and even gold!
But this black eyeliner labelled as 'Independent' has only recently come back into stores up and down the country.
Only the black and gold liners have stay put formulas, whereas all of the others have a slight blendable quality similar to their cream shadows.
The eyeliners are also all natural, made with aloe vera helping to soothe and keep eyes feeling fresh.
Their long lasting quality is amazing, actually better than most liners I've previously tried.
I did have some fading after a long day, but my liner flicks which usually fade were still intact so worth their £14.50 price tag for long wearing kind to eyes liners that are vegan and cruelty free.

You can tell this has been a well used product...!
Usually I'm never without my Lime Crime lippies, but I adore the vintage style and look of this lipstick which gives me a really nice raspberry red, somehow managing to perfectly sit between red and pink meaning it matches perfectly with any outfit.
Again it's full of natural ingredients such as Rose Wax, Jojoba Oil and Candelilla Wax which softens your lips as you wear it, making it a lipstick and lip balm in one.
It's quite a matte colour, and I will definitely be trying out a few shades, especially as there are about six different shades of red!

As you can see from the swatches all the colours are very strong and rich, but the products do spread a long way, so you only need a small amount each day, and not really anything in the way of a top up unless you're lipstick falters in the face of a greasy pasta dish.
I do worry only with these products, that as their bottles are all identical, I may pull out the wrong one in a dark club and end up with a freshly mascaraed mouth.

If you have been searching high and low for natural, vegan, and cruelty free products, then your local Lush chain may be your saviour, I just hope there is more ranges coming soon such as blushers, eyebrow powders and more as my Lush make up collection has slowly started to take over my whole face, I may as well go all the way, caring for my skin as well as my morals.
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