Transitioning into Autumn....

The weather is somewhat crazy right now, with a cold autumnal like August, and now a sunny pleasant September, we are all scratching our heads over what to do with our wardrobes.
One thing is clear, the shops are now definitely filling themselves with autumn and winter wear to get us ready for yet another season of falling leaves, hot chocolates, and if you're lucky enough, cosying up around the fire place.
I have been asked a few times recently for Autumn wear with a vintage vibe, for all those ready to crack out their boots and woolies, so I am going to share now with you my wardrobe plans for this coming season and also some of my tips for keeping warm and toasty!

This autumn I've decided to match cosy cable knit jumpers for extra warmth, and for lighter layers, breton striped sweaters all underneath a classic trench coat style, this one is 100% cotton from Zara, and will keep me warm but not over heating as with a woollen coat.
When it comes to buying sweaters or jumpers, check the inside layers for the highest cotton, wool, or cashmere count (if you wear real wool) as it's the natural fabrics that keep you toasty, tho it's tempting to stock up with cheap acrylic jumpers investing a little bit more for warmth will always be worth it.
Usually on the high street the natural fabric tops and jumpers are more pricey, but Primark usually have a few in stock this time of year, and usually with a cute pattern too, or check out vintage and charity stores for 60's and 70's jumpers that'll look chic with any outfit at a fraction of the cost.

Under my cosy jumpers I'm going to see the season through with some skinny fit black cigarette jeans, with some wear and tear but teaming with the chunkier cable knit jumpers and a pair of ballet flats for Audrey Hepburn style with a modern twist.
When it gets slightly colder you can also team them with boots, ankle or knee high.
I'm also eyeing up a lot of midi skirts in colours and patterns to match the turning colours of the leaves.
When it still slightly warm enough I can team them with a light sweater, ballet flats, or loafers and the trench coat thrown over my shoulders for late 60s parisian style.
When the weather turns I shall team them instead with the heavier jumpers, and match with knee high boots for the more chicer side of 70's style fashions.
Again it is worth checking out vintage and charity stores for heavy kilts, wool pencil skirts, or wool midi skirts, I have an amazing grey wool midi skirt that is really nice and warm, but is actually a Jaeger skirt that I picked up for a bargain in an Oxfam.

The sensible shoes and boots are what I love most about this time of year, I'm keeping an eye out for a good pair of knee high boots this year, with a nice chunky heel so I can wear them all day long with comfort. I'm not a fan of the flat knee high boots for me.
I still love cut out boots, especially with thick over the knee socks which also match perfectly with knee high boots if they sit just above, cute ankle socks or even just with jeans if it isn't too cold.
When it's still mild I love my patent loafers which look great with tight black jeans, or with tights and a nice dress.
With sales still readily available it's worth looking into snapping up a pair now, ASOS have loads, or scope out TK Maxx for some bargains before you really need them. 
What're you looking forward to most about the coming Autumn??
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