All Vegan, All Cruelty Free.....!

I get asked so often if products I've tried, or reviewed are cruelty free and vegan, I'm also asked quite often for tips or product advice for the best you can get, without costing your morals.
So at last here is my favourite companies and products that provide vegan and cruelty free cosmetics, but also some of my favourite naughty vegan snacks for those with a sweet tooth!


I have written about Ciate many many times before, so you know my love for their products, but did you know they are completely Cruelty Free, contain no formaldehyde, toluene and loads of other nasty chemicals, and are also vegan approved.
With a wide wide range of shades and products, nail art sets, and now even bits of make up popping up there is a lot to choose from.

The colours always pop, with bright eye catching nails, the shades are gloriously vast, with even 14 different shades and textures of black nail polish..!
They also last quite well, I find them to chip less than other brands I have tried, usually my nails will chip after a day but currently my red nails have been painted since friday and are still in pristine condition.

These are just some of my red and pink shades, I actually have so many I bought a dedicated shelf for just my Ciate polishes, and it's full.
You get a really nice consistency from this brand, as you can see from the swatches here they have the perfect level of coverage and thinness that helps your polish stay on your nails where it should stay!


You knew they would be featured here, they always are due to my devotion and addiction to their products, and I did actually review three bits of their make up just last week!
But with their ranges ever expanding, and literally having you covered from head to toe with their shampoo bars (try them, trust me), conditioners that are actually better for your hair than regular hair brands,  to their foot scrubs and treatments.

Lush are well known for being very anti-animal testing, even printing it on all of their carrier bags, but also clearly labelling their vegan products in stores and on their products.
Even the products that aren't vegan have sourced the animal products (such as honey etc) from ethically ran sources.
Quite a lot of their products are vegan so they are definitely the first pit stop for stocking up on vegan bath products, soaps, shower gels, scrubs, tooth tabs, moisturisers, etc etc etc...!
There's also loads of the products that aren't vegan popping up with vegan friendly versions, or very similar products that you don't really have to miss out.

Most of my every day make up has been replaced with Lush products, and I'm keeping my eye out for new introductions to try out and more to review.
Their lip scrubs are also widely loved, with so many to choose from, the bubblegum scrub has saved me from many a wine mouth, which I get really badly for some reason!
The only draw back with Lush is how much I manage to spend in there stocking up on the many many products I just can't live without.

Crazy Rumours

I found these Crazy Rumours lip balms in a little vegan shop in London, and I was hooked.
I know I had more but I seem to have had some pinched as they're just so good.
With their huge range of strange but somehow works flavours and scents, there is loads to choose from, from Red Velvet, Star Anise, to Coffee and so many more you'll find plenty of options to choose from for soft lips with some flavour.

Recently however, I found some at the counter of Holland and Barretts, making them available on the high street and nationwide! Hurrah!!
The completely vegan brand are also completely natural too, and are also an independent company that are blowing up on the vegan scene as they are just that good.
Costing £3.50 each they are worth the price for completely vegan and cruelty free lip balms with an interesting and fun array of options, hopefully the coloured Hibiskiss balms from Crazy Rumours will hit their stores soon too.
Grab some along with your next batch of lentils and quinoa!

Lime Crime

Lime Crime is somewhat controversial amongst the vegan blogging community, with a love hate relationship that has been swirling across the blogosphere for many many years.
It would seem that some products were mis-labelled as vegan, which is of course a huge no no for people who have chosen to use animal friendly products only to feel deceived.

I have researched however that Lime Crime have fixed and admitted to the problems, and Lime Crime products have been completely vegan since 2012.
I understand that some people may feel they would prefer to not use their products for various reasons, but I love the products I have used for the past few years (luckily I think after 2012...!!) and nothing quite compares for the reasons I use these products again and again.

I'm very much a Velvetines girl, bright lipstick that stays put all day, but then wipes off when you are done with it?!? I have no idea how they've managed it, and so it would seem do many make up brands who have also released ranges of "velvet" or "Matte" lipsticks that are very similar but just not quite hitting the same mark as the Velvetines do.
They are so popular that new shades are now being introduced all the time, having started with only Suedeberry and my favourite, Red Velvet, but now there's Pink Velvet which looks stunning, Wicked which is a deep vampy red, even a matte black called Salem!

I admit I've never been blown away by their regular lipsticks, not being matte enough for me despite the colours still being lovely, and I will crack out the Carousel gloss on occasion for stunning red  glossy lips, but only if I'll be able to constantly touch up!
I will always have the Velvetines on stand by, and top up regularly so I don't run out which for me shows a true love and the relief of having finally found that perfect red lipstick.

Naughty Vegan Snacks!

At first going vegan was a hard task for me, I love snacking and the occasional daily naughty treat so being faced with only advent calendar tasting chocolate, and carob (actually...not too bad once you get used to it) my sweet tooth was in despair.
Rather than admit defeat, and make my dentist happy, I have managed to find my favourite naughty treats that have even been approved by non vegan friends, so I knew it wasn't just my brain tricking me to think it was nice food, it actually was!

They can still be kinda hard to find, so that whenever I do find them I usually stock up buying two or three at a time, I've noticed tho that I have many many boxes of these lazy days chocolate tiffins and millionaires shortbreads, that they must actually be more available now then they used to be!
I find these and the Fudge in free from sections in larger branches of Sainsburys and Asda and they are not only vegan, but gluten free too!
The giant Vego bars I've seen popping up in a few specialist and health food shops all over the place, and every time I find them I am so overjoyed, they are delicious!!!
Huge chunks of proper tasting chocolate covering whole hazelnuts, the chocolate melts in your mouth  perfectly and I have been known to just inhale whole bars in one sitting.
If you see them, grab two, and send one to me....
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