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To keep make up fresh and interesting, there's nothing better than a bumper box of supplies from one of my favourite box based companies, Memebox, for what is often referred to as K-Beauty as they are full of items unavailable on the british high street, but all the rage in Asia!

I have received a couple of Memeboxes now, but with each having a completely different theme and style I've not received two similar boxes at all.
This instalment (as they add new boxes all the time, rather than a monthly subscription to one set type) is focusing on eyes.

Every box I've received have always been so jam packed full of items, and there's always so many different bits and pieces that compliment each other well.
This box came with eight goodies inside, and they were all full sized too, such a nice change from beauty boxes that come with only five items, most of which are samples.

After moving house, redecorating, travelling, working, and many late nights this box was well timed for my very tired eyes that have overloaded themselves when it comes to bags.
I'm also one of those girls who always wears black eyeliner, I now look strange without it as it's been somewhat a constant to my face for the past ten years or so.
So to try out some new eye make up and care products is a welcome treat.

This three Yni dot liner intrigued me, it's been designed to help get your line in between lashes by dotting along with the three small brushes.
I don't have the steadiest of hands so I found it a little tricky to get the hang of, but it did help to give me a little guide to glide my eyeliner over. Doing the flick was somewhat more tricky however, imagine a calligraphy pen...?
The gel liner works in a similar fashion to a kohl liner, but claims that after ten seconds of drying it is smudge proof and water proof, kohl definitely does not do that.
Amazingly it is true to its word and doesn't transfer or even wipe off which makes me think it will be worth trying if I can only get the hang of it.

This Karadium gel liner has a slight sparkle to it as well, an almost green/ gold fine glitter which isn't over powering on the eyelid but is just noticeable enough to keep it interesting.
The name of the mascara did amuse me.....Cheek Room....teehee! I also wondered is that Scarlett Johannsen on the box or are my eyes playing tricks?
This mascara is a curling and volumizing mascara, and again it did exactly what it said it would.
My eyelashes seemed to be more full, curled slightly and 'opened' up my eyes some more.
The brush is quite a long brush, but this helped to coat the full lash without missing those corners, and I got a cleaner coat too, with none ending up on my face like usual!

These seem to be the fun little items in the box, and I did poke at the collagen eye patches with some confusion for a while...!
When I opened up the package they seem to have disappeared but they are very see through and light, be careful to not drop them, but felt very very weird.
You attach these under the eyes and they magically stayed there, the only way I could describe it was like attaching two slugs under your eyes, but in the nicest possible way.
It states to leave these on for 20-30 minutes and use twice a week so are reusable I assume, and they do feel quite refreshing so I'm planning to keep these in the fridge to slap on after a long day.

Another Cheek Room product, but a rather eye catching bright pink eyeshadow which is very much not my er....usual look!
These are made from coral and pearl powders and are resistant to sebum (your eyelids natural oils), sweat, and water so shall stay put all day. 
The colour is very striking once applied, but it is maybe just a bit too hot pink for me!

These false lashes look quite subtle and cute, so I shall be trying these out very soon for an everyday eyelash.
The name and packaging made me wonder if Secret Star Girl is a girl band or not, so I did a little research and found this advert. 
The advert also doesn't clear it up at all...!

            Secret Star Girl 30sec from KONEKTS on Vimeo.

We all love a bit of Wonder, and although I was unable to understand the writing, it all looked rather positive.
MDaida is a more upmarket brand in this box, so two items is rather generous!
The wonder eye filler (on left) is a serum for under eyes free from artificial colouring or fragrance so is kind to the skin, and would set you back $40 on it's own!

Both are easy to use with a clicker pen system, releasing just the right amount of product meaning you don't end up with excess but gives your skin exactly the amount it needs.
The concealer pen has a slight highlighter element to it so its great for hiding eye bags (of which I have many) and is slightly less at $34 a tube.
I worry about mixing the two products up, but as they're applied in the same place I guess I can't really go wrong!

There is so much in these boxes, this particular box would set you back $29 plus shipping.
The contents of the box however total up to $130!
That's about $100 worth on top of what you would pay, and they are shipped out so quickly too that you don't have to wait very long for a pretty pink parcel to land on your doorstep.
There are so many different boxes and products to choose from, and as they are now shipping globally there's no better time to try out something so completely new.
Memebox have also supplied us with a rather lovely $5 discount code, valid from now until the 30th September! Just enter code QSYEYB at the checkout.
I always eagerly await the next box, and there are just so so many to choose from, which one will you go for?
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