My Office...Where the Magic Happens!

Now our new home is finally starting to come together, I'm going to share with you my favourite places and areas in the flat (tho I love it all, finally being a home we could put our stamp onto).
I was hoping to start with the kitchen, and so many of you said you wanted some tips and ideas for your own kitchens, but it simply isn't done yet...!! I shall be sharing it soon as I can, but we still have big plans for it so it will not be in it's finally form, I'll need to save up about £1000 to refit the cupboards etc which will take a while!
So I've decided to start with my special corner of the flat, my office! 
It's so nice to finally have somewhere dedicated to sit and write, at a proper desk, on a proper chair, plus I can use it for crafting, and storing all my kitsch bits and pieces that would otherwise take over the whole house.

I've been looking for this desk forever, it's an old Ikea desk that has sadly been discontinued, luckily I found an ebay auction for not one but two of these desks, and won them for about £60.
This meant me and Edd had a desk each, and all I had to do was buy the trestle legs I wanted for £25 each. In all the desk cost me £80!

I love that I can easily shove things in between the wood and glass to keep my desk clear, and also to display pictures, pretty books, or whatever else I fancy.
Currently I have a David Lachapelle book that I leave open on whatever image takes my fancy that week, meaning it's always changing and inspiring me.
The chair I picked up for £25 in a vintage furniture shop locally, and I'm planning on reupholstering it once I decide what fabric to cover it with, I keep changing my mind!

It feels so refreshing to at last be somewhat organised, the whole room is also white aside from the odd bit of vintage furniture and my knick knacks.
Finally I have a home for everything, and know exactly where it all is too.

I've finally after two years of London, and having them hidden away in boxes, cracked out my Copic markers, of which I have very many!
I bought these ikea mini plant pots to store them into, and have somewhat of a theme going with these lace style cut out metal pots, even the light shade matches.
The jar pen pots I found in a little odd bits and bobs shop, and it's prefect for my pencils and to keep some biro's at hand. I also keep a hand cream handy for when my hands are starting to feel a little dry, and a lip balm too just in case.

As the desk legs are trestle legs, there's extra storage available inside them.
I have a pile of magazines I keep around for inspiration, generally I buy Love magazine simply for the amazing pictures inside, not really for outfit inspiration as they are usually couture style and not suitable for tesco.
Vogue is just one of those magazines you simply have to buy, especially if you run a style blog!
Sadly I do not have the budget for most of the clothes they feature, but it's always nice to dream.

Since I'm not allowed any real cats (It's the kitty litter thats an issue for Edd) I keep some vintage cat vases close by, the two black ones bought in nottingham, and the cream and brown bought not far from our new abode! 
I've also stuck my brooch from Lucky Dip Club next to them, just to give them an ego boost and remind people in case they forget.

Above my desk I've stuck up a collection of all my favourite shots and memories that I downloaded to Polagram from my Instagram account.
Mostly it's photo's of me and edd, but there's also photo's that have featured on this blog over the past now seven months which remind me of various times and locations that me and Edd have travelled to, and the journey we've taken together already this year.

The office isn't huge, but it's the right size to store some bits, have my workspace, but also have a little sitting area to craft and have some quiet time.
I've made it as plush and lovely as I could with loads of cosy pretty throws on our very old, and somewhat discoloured ikea couch that was our main couch back in London, you can see how little space we used to have as that couch is where I used to do my work, eat dinner, and craft alongside Edd who used it as his workspace area.
These rugs were too cute, and cheap, to not get a few!
They were £10 each and fitted the theme perfectly, again they are from Ikea, where it would seem we have bought most of our bits and pieces for the flat, we built an awful lot of flat pack this past month.

Another piece of Ikea, but actually given to me by my friend Gill, complete with Cath Kidston stickers from her little flat, which I miss very much. 
As much as these shelves have come in very handy, and really work in the office, I got them because one of my best friends was actually moving out of Liverpool, three weeks after I'd just moved back!
We fitted in plenty of girly nights, wine, and cakes, even getting matching tattoos with our other best friend Ellie, who has also just moved out of Liverpool!
I have really bad timing, I don't drive people away.....honest!

The shelves are the perfect place for all my little bits and bobs that I collect, strangely exactly what Gill used the shelves for, we even collect similar knick knacks including these Hornsea Fauna pieces, which is actually a recent addition for me now I have the space to expand.
I only collect these styles with the pink posy's and deers on, and I'm awaiting two more to arrive any day now, I'm sure I will instagram the full set once they've turned up.

They have also been a useful home for my collections of boxes. 
I always buy decorative boxes, as they always come in so useful and it's handy to have the extra storage for things that usually won't have a home.
The problem however is that I'm addicted to buying boxes that we have loads of them, and some of them are completely empty!
I keep them around as I'm always sure their use will become clear at some point....right?!
I picked up this cute little blue typewriter back in November when me and my friends Missy and Scarlett did some vintage hunting.
I bought it to remind me to write more, and it worked as two months later this very site was born!
I'd love to find some working type writer tape for it, tho I probably won't use it to write my first novel, but instead pretend to be Hunter S. Thompson and shout for whiskey.

When I'm not typing away, and need some time to reflect, I love my little office window which looks out to trees as far as the eye can see.
I've bought a little nature inside with some Calla Lilies, and to make sure I don't forget to water them I fill up the watering can once a week, so there's water right next to the plant and I can't forget.
The window has the original french shutters too which look so lovely, we are planning to make more for the bedroom.
We live near a main road, but all we hear is the cars whooshing by, so it's quite quiet and calming and lovely to escape from the world staring over the green of the leaves, that are now starting to show to odd yellows and browns as autumn starts to creep into the branches.

It may only be a little room, but having my own space to write, reflect, read, relax, and create is absolutely wonderful.
If you've read this blog for a while you may remember that my only space to work, and photograph was my bed, but now I've taken such a huge leap having a dedicated space to work on improving this website and my own writing.
I hope you stay with me while I do, and I promise next time it'll be the kitchen....!

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