Pop Boutique Liverpool Opening

Pop Boutique has been a beacon for vintage shoppers for many many years. With it's mix of amazing vintage fashions, OTT sequinned master pieces, and their own understated everyday designs that have become a staple for any girl with 60's style leanings.

On Friday night Pop Boutique Liverpool launched it's new store, after combining their two city centre stores into one large shopping space on Bold Street, just opposite the location of their previous Bold Street store, and although it is quite a large shop space it has been completely jam packed full of items!

During their launch there was a generous 20% off everything in store, and it was understandably extremely busy with shoppers hunting for some bargains. 
The queues for the changing rooms went almost all the way down the middle of the shop, and I heard of people waiting 20 minutes to try on their picks, obviously there was a lot of great bargains to be had as no one looked annoyed or fed up due to the wait.

The set up of the store was great, I loved the mix of a modern clean look with vintage accents, and I spent about as much time looking at their knick knacks as anything, if only I could buy these too!
It really adds to the theme, and really sets this particular vintage store apart as one that does and can fit onto the high street.

The store has a very even mix of menswear and womens wear, meaning there is something for everyone and boyfriends can't sit complaining in the corner when there's just so much they may want too.
As they don't stick to one particular era or style of clothing you can really shop to compliment your own particular style or era, with vintage t-shirts, shift dresses, sequinned jackets, thick wooly jumpers  and so much more.

As it grows colder it is one store I'll be hunting out for cute sweaters and thick midi skirts, while I direct Edd towards the thick mens jumpers and smart brogues.
There is even a selection of furs for those so inclined, having a mixture of real and fake furs which is not really one for me I think!

I had to work really hard to not buy so much stock, after the big move and redecorating I've not been buying clothes or accessories as much as I usually do, so I felt that if I started I would end up having too big of a splurge and get into trouble for buying ten more dresses in the run up to winter!

Pop Boutique have you covered from head to toe, it's always worth looking in their hats and scarves section as there can be some nuggets of gold hidden there, I found the perfect girly dark green beret that transports me into a french film noir whenever I wear it from one of their stores.
You also know you may get good quality woollen hats or silk scarves at bargain prices.

There's a few Pops all over the UK, but if you ever find yourself in Liverpool you really must check it out, even just for the experience and to ogle their vintage decorations.
The layout of this new store makes spotting that hidden gem that much more easier, plus adding that much needed woollen hat and jumper onto your shopping pile seems almost guilt free with bargain prices for good quality goods.

As Edd wasn't with me that night, I shall be dragging him to the store the next time we hit town. With a large range of brogues, boots, and woollens I plan to get him completely set up for winter in one shop, that not only will make him cold weather ready, but add a little unique style to his wardrobe with one off items.
No Primark jumpers for my man!

The launch was a great success, everyone was shopping up a storm, and drinks were flowing! 
I found it tricky to run around and take shots as not only was the store so very full, but because I kept being passed another cup of wine which makes shooting a little bit more difficult..!
It gave me enough time to soak in the friendly and excited atmosphere, see the store to it's fullest, and also catch up with some friends who were also there.
All in all a lovely night, a lovely store, and a lovely new location.
Well done Pop Boutique Liverpool!
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