The Cutest Little Brooches...!

I've not been much of a jewellery wearer in the past few years, I still buy and own so much jewellery and do love it all, but it's more of a special occasion addition to an outfit.
One piece I am more likely to add to every outfit, and just to make me a little happier with a collection of cute, quirky, eye catching and fun brooches.
So when I found Hollie Harris on Instagram I immediately fell in love with the quirky designs that made me gasp aloud as soon as I set eyes on them.

I love attention to details, it's also lovely to be able to easily spot those packages with that exciting item you've been waiting on in that usual boring pile of bills!
I had to order straight away after looking at the instagram account, usually I wouldn't write a whole post dedicated to only one item or set, but these are so adorable I just had to share.

I actually collect kitsch plastic and ceramic vintage deers, which I post occasionally with my other kitsch and interesting things on my Instagram, so this set of deer brooches made me squeal a squeal not audible to the human ear.
All local dogs however knew I had seen something cute.

The squeal was echoed when they arrived, and they arrived pretty quickly too!
These come as a set of two, and there was options of the set in natural wood, or bright pink.
The brooches are available via Etsy, and it's a bargain £9.50 for the two.

I wore them straight away, and got a lot of compliments on them.
It's great that this set can be worn separately or together but wherever you choose as they have their own individual brooch fastenings.
Even my new puppy (yes, it's happened!) loves them, which is why the left has some slight chew marks from when he jumped up to chew on them.

As an additional extra, a set of pop beads were included in my order, and I believe they come with every order.
If you too grew up in the late 80's, early 90's, these may be a little nostalgia trip to popping these bracelets and necklaces together, something I usually had to ask an adult to help me with.
As an adult now (so they say) I still struggled with these somewhat!

It is a lovely little fun extra thats also super cute too, once Edd gets home, I hope to complete and wear it...! This is actually how far I got.
There are so many amazing designs available on the Hollie Harris Etsy at really really great reasonable prices, and they're a one woman independent company too so a little bit of guilt free, supporting the independents shopping (or so I tell myself while pretty skint but still putting in orders!).
There were so many more that I want for me, but others that I knew would be perfect for friends, so I know I'll definitely be ordering more.
Sorry local doggies....!
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