Walking the Dog...

As much as I love the warmth of summer, I also love those few weeks where the ground becomes covered with a golden rug of crispy leaves, jumpers become necessary cosy wear, and layers are the way forward.
I'm always layering like crazy during the colder months as I always feel the cold terribly, think tights under pants, thermal vests, socks, and a good coat to start.

I've been slowly collecting for autumn and winter, starting with a nice warm coat to replace my rather battered leather jacket, and before I need that long woollen winter coat.
This coat was a bargain from vintage store, Pop Boutique, where they had a collection of similar sports costs for only £28 each.
This is really thick and toasty, and tho I'm not overly keen that it's a cheerleader jacket as I'm not so agile, but it's more interesting than a regular jacket.

I love this giant pom pom hat, I tried it on when I found it and Edd thought it was so cute he bought it for me as a little gift.
It was also a complete bargain, only £3.99 from TK Maxx!
It's really warm and toasty, TK Maxx have loads and loads of really nice winter accessories in for great prices.

 Every outfit needs a little bit of colour, and this outfit packs plenty in this skirt.
Also a bargain from Pop Boutique, I always check out vintage and charity shops for great thick midi skirts for this time of year, plus theres always loads of woollen ones that make them perfect for this time of year.
I collect them to keep me warm, and this one is the latest addition to my wardrobe and it's perfect to match the autumn season too.

My handbag is from Angela & Roi, and I've used it in many an outfit post as it just matches everything so well, plus it's perfect for throwing Jakes toys, water, and other bits into when I take him out on long walks.
We are lucky to live so close to such a pretty park, and we took so many photo's for this post that I could made another post just of Jake in the park!

Cosy winter boots are a must right now, and these were another lucky TK Maxx find.
They are Hush Puppies so are really cosy and well made, but after being TK Maxx reduced, and then reduced again they cost only £43 instead of £115!
There were so many boots in the Liverpool store, I would imagine there will be loads of lovely boots available nationwide at every TK Maxx store.

We had such a lovely walk, Jake very much enjoyed running around the park with us both, and he looked rather snazzy in his little red jumper, tho he thinks it's itchy!
I hope we have a few more weeks of this before it gets too cold to enjoy walks, especially on Sundays, the usual lazy day!
After our time in the park we finished with cakes and tea in a dog friendly cafe, the perfect way to end a lovely autumn day.
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