Memebox Wholegrain Box...

If theres anything I love it's skin and body care to pamper myself with.
I love them even more so however if the products are natural, gentle, and kind to skin.
This months gift from Memebox is perfect for this, this is their second Wholegrain box, perfect for those of us with sensitive skin who want a nice clean scrub to rejuvenate the skin and help us feel soft and lovely.

Young Face Natural Powder is a face mask and scrub filled with Nuruk, this is a type of kneaded flour used for fermenting alcohol but actually helps moisturise and brighten the skin, and also works as an anti wrinkle treatment.
Mix this powder with either honey, water, yoghurt or milk to make a face pack mixture that you can keep in the fridge and use a few times a week.

Another product from Young Face is this handmade soap made up from Mung Beans!
Sounds crazy, but they are great at calming irritated skin and acne.
Filled with skin nourishing goodies such as protein, calcium, and vitamins this will help your skin tighten and brighten.

A product I'm not likely to use, as it is filled with some rather odd ingredients such as Snail Filtrate....!
Since I have a phobia of snails, and it ain't exactly vegan I shall give this one a miss, tho it promises to tighten and replenish skin, I'd rather not put snail on my face!

A product I'm much happier to use is this Oatmeal Body Scrub, oatmeal is super kind and softening to skin, and helps with any irritation you may be experiencing.
Scrubbing the dead skin away with pieces of walnut, this product is a lot more animal friendly and natural for me, and it smells amazing too.

Whitening cream is a huge thing in asia, not so popular here as we are a land of the pasty white or the perma orange!
This cream however isn't to bleach out the skin but help with any dark spots and brighten the complexion using rice bran extracts keeping it nice and natural rather than the image you think of bleaching whitening creams.

This anti blemish cream from Seven DIAS is full of natural blemish fighting ingredients such as Soybean, Mung Bean, Sophora Root, Pomegranate and more.
These ingredients help with skin blemishes and troubles, and comes in this easy to apply tube and has a nice consistency too.

Another wonderful instalment from Memebox, and it's lovely to have so many real proper ingredients rather than chemically packed products, tho I'm rather squeamish over the snail filled product....!
Memebox have so many other boxes and amazing things to offer too, and you can give them a try this month with $5 off each order over $30 from now until the 30th November!
Just use the exclusive code Z69CFY at checkout.
What box will you try?

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