Style Yourself....Kitchen...?

We worked really hard on this kitchen, when we first moved in it was a mess.
An extra sideboard jutted out into the living room, leaving less space to manoeuvre around in there, plus it was painted (and very badly too) in a dark dark shade of grey.
We set to work to make it the lovely cottage style kitchen of my dreams, somewhere I could happily cook and bake and have it exactly the way I wanted it.

I went for a theme of cream and blue, also incorporating Cath Kidston's clock range throughout as I loved this range so much!
I can also fill it with kitsch as much as I like, such as this collection of cat tea pots and mugs, and of course our actual working tea pot covered in clocks.
Matching one of my mixing bowls, the other also Cath Kidston matching the blue theme perfectly.
These russian dolls are actually measuring cups too, so while they are all cutesy they are also practical.

If you follow my pages and instagram accounts, you would have seen my set of heart shaped plates before, I bought the full crockery set in my house from Wilkinsons and they are still available.
I even bought the matching cake stand too, and every bowl, side plate, and dinner plate in our flat is heart shaped.
I matched the cottage theme and heart theme with this classic style chopping board, a bargain found in TK Maxx, where I found loads of cheap bits and pieces for the kitchen, including the blue Le Creuset pots which I have in large and miniature!

The teapot and kettle are matching DeLonghi ones in a powder blue, I wanted a four slice toaster so we could start breakfast together rather than waiting over the toaster one at a time.
They work great but were pricey, I picked them up in debenhams and thanks to a voucher (a gift for our engagement!), the last one in stock, and my friend who asked them to knock money off we got them way cheaper than they should have been.
The bread bin seems to be one of those items that people who visit always ask me about.
I found it in Next, and it is really useful having the separate sections, I usually have crumpets in the drawer!
It was only £25 and again is still available.

There are so many shelves in our kitchen, I like being able to have everything in reach while cooking so it has come in very useful.
I found these storage jars again in TK Maxx, there were so many styles and sizes of these, I could have easily filled my shelves. Instead I stuck to those interior design rules, always display one, three, or five of everything.
The colander was also from TK Maxx, and is really big and very deep, great for when I make large pasta dishes for visiting friends.

Here's even more of the Cath Kidston clock theme, which really shows you how often it pops up in my kitchen.
From mugs, to mixing bowls, teapots, and now a finishing touch I only added the other day, and the reason I held off doing this post until now, these clock curtains which I made from scratch!
They really add more to that cottage vibe, and I lined them with blue gingham cotton instead of boring plain lining.
The clock range is still available, and lucky for us, now on sale too!

These shelves were already in the kitchen when we moved in, and luckily they weren't also painted grey, it took us many coats to get the kitchen back to a nice cream colour!
I keep all our plates, utensils and cookware out apart from pots and pans, but as the cookware and crockery etc we use is all so pretty, it's quite nice to display them like this.

There was boring lino on the floor when we first arrived, I was shocked when I pulled it back and found the floor I had always wanted underneath, a black and white tiled floor.
It's not the best as they are plastic tiles, but I'm considering getting it re-done in the proper tiles exactly the same.
Plus as the cupboards and sideboards are so boring compared to the rest I am pricing up a whole new kitchen set to match and work better, as the cupboard doors are wonky, and there are absolutely no drawers!!! Whenever it is done, I shall update you with more pics!
But as well as having my dream kitchen, Edd bought me my very own never been used pretty oven, every oven I had ever had before was second hand and didn't work very well, leaving me swearing away at burnt cakes or pies that wouldn't set.

Lastly I always like to have flowers in the kitchen, at the moment we are embracing autumn with these colourful ferns that brighten up our usually dreary view into the grey raining world of outside.
Next to the flowers theres also our thriving basil plant that just keeps growing and growing, and that I bought about a month before leaving London.
I use basil in cooking a lot so it's lovely to have fresh to use whenever possible, and luckily this plant keeps on providing!
I wonder how big it'll get.
If you want to ask about any specific item in the kitchen just comment below, I've jammed packed these shelves so full I couldn't remark on them all or this would be a book!

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