Novembers Shopping List

It's time to buy coats, jumpers, and of course some pampering bits and pieces to combat those winter blues, so this is my list of what I have been, or hopefully will be buying this coming month.

Firstly some winter boots, I bought these last week using a 15% off code that shouldn't work but still does (SUNNY15) on the Dr Martens website, getting them for £93 rather than the full £110.
Pricey still I know, but they are so comfortable and I've been wearing them every day since they arrived.
I love the red colour of them, and they match everything really well from jeans, to skirts and dresses which I like to team with some over the knee socks or ankle socks with a frill around the edges (primark has a large great range right now and they're all super cheap!)

After I got the new shoes I had a hankering for a new bag, and now whenever I'm walking jake I need a bag that'll stay in place and give me both hands free so I can grab him whenever he spots a cat (they're twice his size, but he'll still chase them!) but also keep me organised for going to work and general day to day.
This is from the Leather Satchel Company, and matches my shoes perfectly.
I got this for an absolute bargain for £59.99 rather that it's £150 usual price tag, and ladies there are still some left!
It hasn't arrived yet, but when it does I shall give it a full review.

I'm loving stripes and checks at the moment, especially in black and white (hello work friendly clothes!) so can't resist this Zara striped t-shirt that will team well thrown over jeans.
This is only £12.99 and looks very cosy too, I can imagine this with the other two items, and a deep red lip, hot chocolate in hand and a nice red scarf.

Another Zara special, this hound tooth skirt for £35.99, a little bit of a splurge but a worthy one I hope for a high waisted mini that'll look amazing with some black wool tights.
I hope to pop into Zara to nab these items soon.

Another hounds tooth, but this time in a piny dress form, perfect over tights and a black roll neck sweater to keep me toasty but also looking cute and smart in one go.
I saw this in the Liverpool branch of Pop Boutique, but I'm worried it may be a little too big as they only run in three sizes.
For £27.00 tho it might be worth a try, and maybe a slightly thicker jumper underneath to make up for all that extra space!

Since sinter skin can get a little dry thanks to all that heated air, layers, and chapping cold winds I'm hitting up Lush for products to keep me from turning lizard lady, and staying soft and smooth while smelling amazing.
Ocean Salt is an amazing scrub, and gentle enough to use on the face too.
I always buy big pots of this as me and Edd go through these pots so quickly, especially as the coconut and avocado butter leaves the skin soft even after a good scrub.
These sell in 4 different sizes and variants too, pop in store to find your preferred.

After a bit of ocean salt, I smother myself with Ro's Argan, applied to the body while it's still wet and rinsed off, it'll leave you surprisingly soft and smelling amazing too.
It's pricey for £16.99 but it's totally worth every penny and you will fall in love with this amazing product.

After days of stomping around in boots, and if like me you're stood up in work all day, you need to get yourself this refreshing lotion.
I pop this on before putting on a pair of cotton socks every night, the peppermint and spearmint will leave your feet feeling refreshed, and the fair trade cocoa butter will leave them amazingly soft too.
I popped this onto Edds feet after a long weekend, and it made them relax so much that he could feel the bones popping back into place, I could actually hear them cracking!
It's also berry pink and smells luscious.

Last thing on my list is this It Started With a Kiss lip tint, I love the Santa Baby tint for a bright vivid red, but this is more of a raspberry red and looks great with vintage complexions and styles.
It's been selling out in stores, so if you see one grab it while you can!
It stays on your lips for hours while not drying them, and looks like a natural tinge of red on your lips as opposed to a bright obvious lipstick.
Hopefully it'll also get you kissed......!
Whats on your list for November?

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