A Personal Wrapping Touch...

After months of saving, planning, and scheming for those perfect christmas gifts, we tend to just grab whatever wrapping paper we find and scramble it all together in those last few days before Christmas panicking when that cheap wrapping paper splits over box corners and makes those carefully thought out gifts look like crap.
This year why not add a personal touch to your gifts that your friends and family will love?

This was somewhat of a surprise for me, I knew something was coming in the post but I didn't have any idea what it could be.
 When I opened the nondescript black packaging to find this inside, covered with all my instagram photo's including pictures of Jake, my home, and my hobbies turned into a wrapping paper I squee-ed in delight!

I had a friend tell me the other day that my Instagram account looked so pretty, but I have to admit it does make for very pretty wrapping!
Wrap.me have come up with this genius idea of personalised wrapping, you can upload photo's from your computer, instagram, or Facebook and you can choose up to 30 different photo's to adorn your wrapping with.

This wrapping paper would be the perfect finishing touch to wrap a present for a boyfriend of all your special moments together, a best friend of all your night out snapshots, or family with those family photo's taken over the years.
Even if you just wanted to create your own wrapping paper for fun and special gifts you can chose just one sheet, or a whole roll of wrapping paper with prices starting from £4.99.

It was so beautifully wrapped I didn't want to ruin it by opening it, but they have very kindly sent me an extra sheet to wrap some of my own christmas gifts in, I'm totally going to be ordering more as special personal wrapping for birthday gifts too as it makes those presents even more special from the outside!

Once I unwrapped it I did have to laugh, I love a company with a sense of humour, and this was the perfect content for this box!
Obviously these socks are a little too big for my size 3 feet, but my boyfriend happily took them!
Thanks anyway Wrap.me...! 
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