Three ways to use One Scarf....

There's a chill in the air now, and it's definitely scarf weather!
In my last post I wrote about the Diane Von Furstenberg collaboration with My Little Box, which included one amazing scarf, three different prints are available in those boxes so you'll never know which one you'll get!
Inside the package containing the scarf was a guide for four different ways in which to use it, but I have so many many more ways you can use one scarf that it becomes a very handy item to carry around in your handbag.

The Classic Scarf

Lets start with the basics, there are so many ways to tie a scarf but which one gets the best effectiveness to keep you warm, but also show that scarf off?!?
This is my favourite way to wear this scarf and I can cosy into it, show it off, but know it'll stay put.

With your scarf laid out in it's full square, grab one corner and fold it over into a triangle shape.
This is a basic step for many different things you can do with a scarf, as I use scarves all the time for many different things I know that this is generally a step I use a lot.

On either side of the straight edge tie a small knot, this helps the scarf stop being lifted by the wind, but also helps it to sit much better and look a lot neater when worn.
Place the triangle section in front of your neck and tie the ends behind your neck like a bib, before letting those ends hang around the front.
This is an absolute classic but with those knotted edges and it being tied around the back it should stay in place all day, while looking effortlessly chic.

The Scarf Handbag

Yes you heard right! If you are ever caught short in need of a bag, you can make one up with just a few ties of a scarf!
Depending on the size of the original scarf you could have a little bag, or a nice big bag (which I get with this lovely giant scarf!) perfect if you get caught without at a till or on the go.

Start with the scarf laid out in it's square, grab each corner from the same side and tie them together.
Tie both sides together so you have two loose ends from each corner like bunny ears.
This will make your bag shape so you can tie them around whatever you have to carry or transport.

When they are all tied, get two of the bunny ears that are facing out the same way and double knot them together, do this at the other end as well.
This will from the handles of your bag, and you can tighten the bag up too by pulling them.
It's a great way to pack a picnic too if you don't want to carry an empty basket home, or use it to carry that bottle of gift to a party.
You can even do this to wrap a gift if you're including a scarf in there, also saves on wrapping paper!

The Scarf Turban

Whenever I curl my hair, or wake up with a bad hair day I reach for some manner of scarf. You may remember my Video Tutorial about headscarves a while ago, but this is one technique I didn't film!
One of the easiest and quickest scarf head ties to do is the turban technique, plus it hides anything you may be needing to hide.

This also starts with a triangle fold, before folding from that smallest point inwards, to keep it looking lovely and neat, and making tying it much much easier.

Tie the scarf around the head with the folded section tucked in side, and double knot it around the front, leaving those ends loose.
These are the sections that will be used to cover up the hair at the back.

Grab the loose ends and pull them to the back, tucking each side into the tied section of the scarf at the back neatly.
You may want to spread them out before tucking them to keep them looking nice and neat, and covering the hair aptly.

Now you see why I think scarves are so very useful!
Nab a DVF scarf while you can from My Little Box, or alternatively you can find some lovely vintage ones in charity shops and vintage stores, or even in your local branch of Lush where there are some lovely patterned scarves for their Knot Wrap service.
What else would you use one for?
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