Bunting Step by Step...

After making the curtains for my kitchen, I had loads and loads of fabric left over that I didn't know what to do with, that is until someone mentioned bunting!
The perfect twee finishing touch for my Cath Kidston, cottage like, clock filled kitchen.
I found some cute thick ribbon from John Lewis' and got ready to start.

It's always best to be prepared, so I got out my trusty sewing machine, plenty of pins, and two pairs of scissors, hemming scissors to make a nice shape, and a small pair of embroidery scissors for snipping lost threads while using the machine.

To keep my bunting relatively even I cut out a cardboard guide to cut around and ensure they were a similar length and shape, they don't have to be completely accurate but it helps to have some manner of guide during the cutting process.

As I needed fairly long bunting, I cut about ten triangles, varying from the right way up to upside down due to this fabric pattern, but it's fine if kept in order.
It's always best to use a fairly heavy fabric like this from Cath Kidston so that they keep their shape and hang nicely, I was hoping to coordinate with the blue gingham but it didn't hang so well.

I used a guide too to pin the triangles into place before sewing, handily the ribbon spool was a great tool to use and kept the ribbon neat while I was unravelling and pinning.
You can use anything as a guide depending on the spaces you would prefer between each flag.

Now it's time to sew!! Carefully using cream thread I stitched along the bottom of the ribbon, so it was easier to trim off any over lapped pieces and keep it looking nice and neat.
Remember to take the pins out as you go, as the needle hitting a pin could result in breaking your needle mid project.

And it's up!
It's much longer than this but I couldn't fit it all into one photo, but it is definitely the perfect finishing touch, and makes the room look so much more finished now.
I have plenty of this fabric still left too, I'm not too sure what to do with it all!
Any suggestions?
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