The Leather Satchel Company....

Firstly, before I delve further into this post, I was asked about this item being on my shopping list last week, as I eat vegan.
I do eat vegan, my body has made sure of that as you can read in this post here, I do not wear real fur (nor fake really either...!), and I will not use cosmetics/ skin care that have been tested on animals.
But I do wear wool, on the rare occasion I may invest in something that is leather as they do seem to last longer, and I'm a shoe/ handbag killer, so this post will reflect that, but I still only post about animal friendly beauty products, and will post more vegan recipes on this blog.
I hope that clears it up somewhat!

Last week I came across an absolute bargain, I had been keeping an eye out for a new red satchel for a while, as running around with jake is made somewhat more difficult by cumbersome handbags.
This is from The Leather Satchel Company, who recently had a sale which ended not long after, meaning I nabbed this ready made oxblood satchel for only £60 rather that it's usual £150!

The colour matches perfectly with my Dr Marten oxblood boots, and I'm now somewhat set for winter (just a few more jumpers...!) and looks so lovely and rich once I got it out of it's dust bag.
It's a smaller satchel at 14", but still fits in everything I need with ease.
The front pocket of perfect for those little bits and pieces you need at reach and the larger compartment is perfect for those books, notepads, and laptops you may lug around.

The finish on the bag is so beautiful too, it shines so bright, and looks so very eye catching.
The clasps are buckles so stay true to that classic satchel vibe, and matches nicely to the adjustable shoulder strap that has quite a range of sizes it can go to, rather than that usual three or four high street satchels offer.
The silver contrasts so nicely on this colour as well, and it gained a few nice comments on it's first wear.

I was happy that my Macbook Pro fitted in perfectly, as I wasn't too sure it would and I'm regularly travelling so needed a bag it would fit into with ease.
It's just right for fitting in those essential items, but not too big that I'll load it down or lose things in the midst of the bag as I'm quite known to do!
Keep an eye out for their next sale, there are some bargains to be had whenever there is so it's worth checking up on!
Even if you go for the full whack, their bags can be made to order and totally customisable with options to have them as a backpack, magnetic closings, and even having your initials or if you're feeling flush, your whole name embossed into the leather.
I may have to get myself another!
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