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As you all well know, I'm a huge fan of Etsy and regularly champion small indie companies as often as I possibly can.
The only problem with companies like this is that they aren't generally shops you may come across or hear about, which is exactly why I choose to write about them every chance I get.
Luckily for me my friends are also fans of handmade, indie and pop culture items and this is a company I was actually shown the products of after my friend received some, I fell in love with the products on that tiny whatsapp photo and placed an order straight away.

These are all from The Mad Girl Shop, a one woman ran etsy account with handmade pop culture brooches and the other odd piece of knitted garments.
They are amazing hand illustrated brooches that are eye-catching enough that anyone who gets the reference may double take to check they really saw what they think they did!

At the moment there aren't a huge array of designs but I'm sure these will be getting added to over time, and as I know she is also studying, these are a fun little side project that I hope only grows from here.
They are extremely reasonable in price, costing only £3.37 each meaning it only makes sense to buy three in one go, especially for the combined shipping that is super fast. 
These turned up from Missouri in less than a week!

I decided to treat myself to three pop culture cult classic pins, one of which is of course a Mean Girls inspired pin, featuring Damian and his most famous line "She doesn't even go here!".
I never wear pink on wednesdays tho.

When I first moved to London my friend Fred made me watch Arrested Development for the very first time, and I was hooked.
So when I saw this Tobias Fünke pin I just had to have it, I just wish there was a blue Tobias option too!

As I was ill all last week I binge watched the whole of Parks and Recreation, so seeing these came at the perfect time for me to add a little Ron Swanson in my life, and out of the three I think this one has to be my favourite.

I am eagerly awaiting seeing what will be next from The Mad Girl Shop, and may have added a few suggestions of my own for pins I long to have.
My favourite thing about these pins however is that they are like a little secret code to fellow cult film and programme watchers who may ask in disbelief "Is that Tobias Fünke on your cardigan?!" and start up many a conversation that would confuse those who may overhear it about segways and chicken dances!
But for now I have a sudden urge to watch Mean Girls.....again.

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