Do You Wanna Build a Snowman.....?

I'm pretty sure every blogger who writes about this product will use this exact same title, but I'm pre-empting it by writing this post in October......!
You may have noticed that Christmas is everywhere, it's actually been sneaking in for the past month or so, but now stores are full of christmas products with even my local bits and bobs shop having a whole aisle already dedicated to christmas products, costumes, and wrapping.

Only one store seems to have christmas product releases that people get excited about, and of course as this seems to have turned into Lush Week here on the blog, it is of course Lush.
I have eyed up all their christmas products and gift boxes with wild abandon, and my picks and favourites shall be coming soon....

I did however decide to build a little snowman, and really get into the christmas spirit somewhat but there's no snow to be had.
Luckily Lush has me covered with a new seasonal bar of Fun, the exciting play dough inspired bar of soap that can be moulded into whatever shapes you desire while you clean.

This is the Snowman Fun, specially designed so you can build a little snowman with the three colour combinations wrapped up in this set.
It of course is a carrot scented soap too, and is a bargain stocking filler at only £5.00 for the set.

I decided to go for an old fashioned three tiered snowman out of three balls of the 'dough' in descending sizes.
This is a perfect little gift for younger kids, with this little gift they will actually want to take a bath tho if you manage to make the perfect snowman you may not want to break it up to use it as a soap!

I love crafty little gifts, and as this has an element of crafting, a lovely scent, and is also quite fun and christmassy I can imagine this being a fun task for the family at bath time.
Just making this Edd was getting involved and making little pieces to go with it, and with plenty of the different colours to play with the possibilities really are endless.

As well as the snowman fun, there is also a gold bar of fun for this christmas in case you want to give your snowman a little bit of gold detailing..!
With so many colours that are sold year round you can really make a collection of these for fun bath times for your little one, or just to amuse your own inner child during boring baths.
It can get a little messy, especially the black section, but as it's soap it washes itself off anyway.
Inject a little Fun into your life, and your bathroom.

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