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Those of you who read my last instalment about Lucky Dip Club's Pet Parade Box probably went out and subscribed, so may have by now already seen and adored all of the contents of the latest box, an autumnal woodland creature themed box!
After my previous box I just had to sign up for every box, these are the first boxes I found so utterly adorable that I knew I wanted them to land on my door mat as often as possible, but with such limited numbers (500, which for this box sold out in 4 hours!) I was up early to order, alongside my two best friends who after seeing the contents of the previous also woke up early to subscribe immediately. 
It's been quite nice tho as one has moved to Glasgow, and the other to Newcastle but we have been excitedly talking about our boxes arriving any day soon and that day finally came.

I knew that this was a woodland themed box, so to expect all manner of deers, owls and more from this box, but it was well timed as after picking it up from the post office (I was red slipped!) I walked back through my new quiet road, surrounded by brown, yellow, and orange leaves, with conkers everywhere in slightly chilled but still pleasant autumn weather I was delighted to see that echoed in this autumnal colours themed box.

As I mention again and again, I love attention to detail, it makes unpacking all the more exciting and special, and I love that this effort has been put into every box, especially as they are hand made and packaged for each customer.
The colours of the packaging inside the box was even lovelier, and so much effort has gone into them to make them all match, work, and compliment each other, and we hadn't even got to the goodies inside just yet!

Inside each box from Lucky Dip Club there's either a lovely card or postcard so you can share with someone special, for me however I am selfish and find them just too cute to share, so this beautiful postcard will be going on my office wall where I shall admire it while I should be writing or working. Generally box items will eventually be added into the Lucky Dip Club shop, so I can always buy more and share the love......maybe....!

When I saw these I was actually more excited by my friend who I knew was awaiting her box, as she loves and collects anything toadstool, this is the perfect to do list pad for her!
I'm quite forgetful at times too so it shall come in handy for me, and yes, Jake did make it to the vets...!

I collect kitsch deers, from plastic babycham deers, to ceramic bambi deers, so I loved this jewellery hanger, inspired by plastic deers from the 60's that I have actually seen and wanted while looking for even more kitsch, to add to my kitsch!

Every box has at least one personalised item inside, usually a handmade brooch, and this month was another winner with an initialled owl brooch that is just adorable and will look great attached to my autumn wardrobe, but it also had goggly eyes!!!! <3

As well as a personalised item there's always something crafty for you to get into, encouraging a bit of DIY with some easy as pie but utterly adorable make it kits.
Last box had the adorable budgie bunting that I made a polaroid feature of, but this time around it's a cute fox sleep mask.

These kits are always so easy to follow with step by steps, illustrations, and more!
The kit has everything you need apart from the scissors to cut out with.
I set straight to work making this, as although I don't think the felt itself would make the most impenetrable sleep mask, I do have an industrial one I can sew this over.

It is far too cute, and will really make my now rather boring sleep mask even more fun, but also make it too tempting for boyfriend, friends, or even puppy to pinch due to it's utter adorableness!
I'm only halfway through at the moment but will post on instagram whenever I have finished it, probably modelling it tho it would make taking a decent selfie a little hard!

These boxes launch on the 1st of every month, but sell out super quickly. If you loved the look of this or any of the other boxes they do usually end up in the store so you don't miss out for £25 each, as opposed to the £15 subscription costs per box per month.
It is worth setting an alarm for November 1st (of course Octobers box has already sold out) and signing up for at least a few months, these boxes are totally worth it and I'm sure every box shall lead to texting amongst my friends about the countdown clock ticking away until our boxes are dispatched!
Lucky Dips have never been so Lucky!
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