Maribelle by Donna Jane

Pants! Pants in various prints, cuts, style and fabrics!
We all need them, we all buy them, but with so many varieties and styles whatever happened to comfort and practicality?
What if you can have those two things but still buy pants that are not only cute, quirky, and quite charming, but supports an independent company ran by one woman?

Maribelle by Donna Jane features the cutest and quirkiest fabric choices I have ever seen transformed into pant form, featuring fabric prints from Liberty in the softest cotton and various cleverly chosen prints that encapsulate the brand and it's wearers perfectly.

These designs and prints caught my eye on my Facebook feed one day, from a picture of the making of process of these very fox knickers.
Handmade by Donna herself, you can tell when someone gives each item the care and attention we should expect from all of our clothing and accessories, but sadly not often receive.
Luckily however with these prints and designs, you can expect a good quality item as well as buying knickers to suit your personality and loves.

With winter making itself known, high waisted pants give you that extra layer to keep your buns toasty all winter long, and with 100% organic cotton they won't pinch or annoy you like some pants do.
These knickers are really cosy and comfortable, and are perfect under a high waisted pencil skirt or midi skirt, especially to protect you from those up skirt winter breezes!

This pretty peacock knicker features a Liberty Print, but also has a matching camisole too for the cutest little night set or undergarments ever.
The print of the peacock feathers is stunning, and the contrasting pale pink trim set off those shades beautifully captured in the print.
These sit on the hips and stay put, and luckily for us right now, these are 20% off on the online Etsy store!

Although I loved all the prints, this bike print knicker really caught my eye when I saw it in the online store, the perfect mix of classic, interesting, and quirky parisian style I knew I needed these in my life, and on my butt.
These were the first of the three that I wore, and was surprised at how light weight they were. 
I only wish more people could see the print, as I can't really flash my pants just cos the print is so cute, so I hope this is transformed into a cami set too as I would wear the vest as outer wear if it was!

There is a vast array of prints available too, with floral 60's style patterns, more charming critters, and  some almost psychedelic prints, there is something for everyone.
For handmade underwear this should be your first stop for every day and practical while still being fun and adorable.

Thank you so much to Donna Jane for being kind enough to send me these gorgeous knickers to review, I want even more of the designs now and am eyeing up many a cosy high waisted pair to see me through the next few months.
Which print is your favourite?

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