Gifts for a Lush Addict....

Everyone knows at least one friend or relative who is obsessed with Lush and, if they're lucky enough to have visited one, the Lush Spa. 
So what do you get them when it's gift giving time? With it now being nine months since Valentines day there may be some birthdays coming soon (bet you didn't think about that, huh?!) plus christmas coming soon and fast I'm going to tell you now the gift to top all gifts, an exclusive and beautiful box that ever Lush fanatic will covet, and one I bought instantly for myself as soon as I saw it.

This Lush Spa box had me sold without even knowing the contents, a William Morris style with a pop art twist, adorned with huge poppy like flowers and an intriguing way of slotting together that made me want it all the more.
I love boxes, and I seem to be an avid collector of them so this had to belong to me some way or another, even if that way meant treating myself. 
I'm so good to me.

Once I opened it up I fell more and more in love with it, folding out sections like a jewellery box, each section revealing yet another hidden treasure inside.
This gift box is different to the others in that this is a Lush Spa themed box, with only six current Lush Spas in the UK they can be tricky if you don't live locally to one, but this box gives you a little preview of the spa and some of its exclusive products used in treatments that are not available on the shop floor.

Inside this box are three products that are usually never seen outside the Lush Spas, making them a perfect addition to any Lush addict's wish list for products they may have never tried or even heard of before, can you say exclusive?!
There are also some regular favourites and this box has you covered from head down to your toes.

This is the perfect little box for partners too if they want to have a sensual evening together practising their massage skills, perfect after using one of the box exclusives together, with a Comforter? body scrub, usually only used in the Lush Spa treatment also called The Comforter.
This is a chocolate body scrub used warm, melt this bar in a heatproof bowl over a pan before rubbing onto your partners skin for an exfoliating, warm, and intimate experience recommending a 20 minute long massage before rinsing.

Once this has been rinsed off consider dipping into a hot bath with the Golden Slumbers bath bomb, another exclusive to this box and filled with calming lavender and soothing camomile, again the bath could always be shared?

Slightly less sexy but necessary however is the Stepping Stone foot scrub, a foot shaped scrub filled with sea salt, cocoa butter, and lime oils to scrub dead skin off your feet, soften and deodorise them.
Maybe that one is an activity best left solo, unless of course you are into that....some people are, don't judge! 
I will find this quite useful tho, it sounds perfect for my tired out feet.

A store favourite, the Therapy¿ massage bar has been designed to soothe the skin and the mind, a popular product amongst pregnant women for it's amazing stretch mark fading abilities so this is super kind to skin.
If you're sharing this box maybe skip the Stepping Stone and go straight for a couples massage using this Therapy¿ bar, which melts with the heat of skin and works even better after a warm bath.

The final product (in my box anyway....we'll get to that) is perfect for sending you off to sleep after all of these lovely treatments is the final box exclusive, the Dreamtime Temple balm. 
Again this contains lavender and chamomile to help you relax and send you off, perfect after a long hot bath but if you have been sharing this for a couples night in, you may want to er....skip this step too.....!

On their website I noticed the box does also come with Full of Grace, an over night face serum made up of mushrooms and rose oils, I believe my box may have been an earlier incarnation and this was added later, but I have tried Full of Grace before and sadly had an adverse reaction to it as I am actually allergic to mushrooms!
Check the labels instore to see if yours contains all six products, or order online to make sure you get all of the intended items.

This box was an all round winner for me, and I'm planning to use these items for a romantic night in, but as Edd hates everything lavender it may be somewhat tricky.
But I loved how my skin felt after having The Comforter treatment at the spa so I am excited to use this scrub again, and to share that experience with Edd too.
So this would be the perfect gift for that loved one who loves a Lush experience, and an exclusive one to boot, even if that loved one is yourself!
There's nothing wrong with showing yourself some Lush Love.
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