A Christmas Lush....

I'm a christmas Lush, are you?
I do of course mean someone who stocks up on all the Lush christmas goodies, and generally smells christmassy from October through to at least March (stockpiling a we go).
With the Christmas range and gift boxes now in all stores, I have already decided on all my favourites  out of this range, and I'm ready to stockpile these very items!

A regular favourite of the christmas range, The Golden Wonder has been included in this range for a good few years now, and I'm always filled with nostalgia as well as excitement for christmasses, future and past.
Full or orange and lime oils this is quite an uplifting bath bomb, and the extra layers inside make this quite a colourful soak.
If you have never tried this before, you really must grab one.

Two other bath bombs flying off the Lush shelves are the Luxury Lush Pud, the polka dot wonder that creates a bath time full of deep pink, but with spots that detach from the bath bomb itself to create a polka dot both in various colours!
Father Christmas has to be my new favourite seasonal bath bomb, looking like a bath bomb version of one of my dear friends, but also smelling absolutely delicious, despite not smelling christmassy as you would expect, the smell is utterly addictive.

If you're gonna attempt any mountain this winter, it simply must be Candy Mountain.
A shimmering girly bubble bar, that will turn your bath a pale pink while filling it with bubbles, topped off with a gorgeous rich vanilla scent.
For something a bit different, how about Star Light, Star Bright?
Filled with a mix of ginger to warm the skin, lime to give your bath some zest, and lavender to help you relax, this also contains coconut oil to leave your skin soft and smooth.
It'll also be one of the prettiest baths you've ever had.

When I first smelled this soap, before the xmas products launched, I fell in love with the smell that made me think of spicy christmas wines and festive coffee shop offerings.
My heart sank however when I was told that it contained yoghurt.
Luckily however although it is yoghurt, it is in fact soya yoghurt and completely vegan friendly!
It does seem a marmite scent, with those telling me they love it, or that they hate it but it's worth a sniff to see which side of the fence you sit!

Talking christmas flavours and scents, if you grew up in the UK anytime since 1931 (when it was in fact invented) Terry's Chocolate Orange would have featured at some point in your christmas stocking, or sharing round while watching all those christmas specials.
If you want to get nostalgic for all those Morecambe and Wise repeats then this is the body lotion for you!
It really reminds me of Terry's Chocolate Orange, and is jam packed full of kind to skin ingredients.
I had to of course team Celebrate with my vintage Babycham glass.

Everyone loves Snow Fairy, but after trying out this shower gel I'm now sticking with some Hot Toddy in my shower cubicle!
With ginger and cinnamon it's quite warming so perfect for those cold winter mornings when you have to jump into the shower to warm up your toes and try to wake up.
Luckily this gel will help you with both of those while making you smell amazing.

As well as all those lovely products to get you clean and lovely, there is also something to add a little bit of sparkle to your night!
First Snow is a talcum powder type glitter dust, simply dust it over your skin and rub it in for amazing sparkles similar to those of Benefits Kitten powders, only y'know without the £20 price tag or the animal testing...
It also contains orange flower and lime oil to keep your skin smelling sweet while you dance the night away.

Bûche De Noël is a festive cake in a pot, but it's also an amazing facial cleanser and exfoliant.
Full of almonds, fruits, and kaolin it's a gentle scrub to refresh your skin plus seaweed and cocoa butter to leave your skin super soft.
This cleanser will only be around during the festive season, but it seems like it's already well loved so it may be getting snapped up by those who love it and don't want to go without!

There are loads of amazing festive bits and pieces, these products are just the tip of the iceberg!
These are the things I know I'll buy again and again until they disappear until next year, where I will be awaiting their return with impatience!
What is your xmas Lush favourite?
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