Jake the Puppy....

As you may have seen by now, especially on my Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram that I now have a cute, mischievous little puppy!
We have only had him just over a week now, and it's taken a lot of training, patience, poop cleaning, and treat giving but we love him to pieces, and he has really become a part of our little family.

He was only ten weeks old when we picked him up, so we're expecting that he'll grow into a full adult with us, but we're really enjoying his puppy good looks right now!
He is a long haired chihuahua, which people don't expect as he doesn't look like a fully fledged chihuahua yet, thanks to the lack of bug eyes that I really hope he doesn't suddenly get.
Jake has only just started going outdoors now, as we waited until he had his first injections at least which he dealt with really well, and as soon as he has had his second we can take him to the park for proper walks if he will allow it (he's somewhat of a wimp with the cold!).

Jake isn't a huge fan of baths, his fur is so thick and fluffy he can get a little dirty and smelly but he stood in the bath and shook the whole time, he still shakes when nervous which is something he has experienced a fair amount with all the new adventures and challenges he has been facing.
It's pretty hard to take a decent photo of him as he moves around so much, but you can get plenty of him sleeping as he spends quite a lot of time doing that.

Because of his size he feels the cold pretty badly, which is why he is wearing a little red jumper whenever he is outside, we aren't those sad types who like to dress up their pets.
But as it gets colder he will need a proper little coat to wear, and I also spied an amazing little jacket with a skeleton pattern on for halloween......yeah it's a slippery slope.

He has become loved by all the family, regularly being spoilt by my parents too and running around in their garden whenever he visits them
I worry he may become spoilt as so many people fuss over him, with his absolute adorableness its somewhat impossible not to fuss.
Leave a comment below with how many aaaahhh's you said during this blog post!
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