Lucky Dip Club Diner Box...

Every instalment from Lucky Dip Box has left me waiting impatiently for every box, each month I check the website clock countdown which counts down to them being distributed and then gear up to wait for the postman.

This months box is a diner themed collection, utensils of course were not included...!
Wrapped up in gingham and filled with plenty of nostalgic packagings and images.
I actually worked in a 50's themed diner many many years ago, and although it wasn't quite as lovely and brightly coloured as I hoped it would be, this box definitely is.

In previous boxes there has always been a brooch included, and I originally thought that this Pizza Party shape was also a brooch, but it is however actually a fridge magnet.
As my fridge is one of those annoying tiny under counter ones that you have to bend over to get into, I don't really bother adorning it with anything as it just doesn't deserve such adoration, and I may actually turn this into a brooch instead to keep the part of my brain that misses Saved By The Bell happy.
Instead of a brooch this month, the box instead included this golden doughnut necklace.
It's quite different to the items I usually expect from LDC, but it is still pretty cute, and I'm sure I will be giving this a good wearing sometime soon.

At first glance I assumed these were a set of fancy pencils, but they are in fact a set of straws in different cute patterns. 
I think I would only have these in my kitchen for decoration, and hiss at anyone who tried to use them for their intended purpose, they're too cute!
Every month there's always an adorable set of cards, one of which has a personalised message from Leona, the creator of LDC.
I usually stick these up all over my office as I've loved them all so far, I may need to get pin boards for the many I'm hoping to receive.

Kitchen ware was surely a must for this box, the knickerbocker glory tea towel is a lovely touch, but again far too nice to use! Would it be sad to frame it instead as a kitchen decoration?
Each box always contains one crafty item, meaning you will also get your craft on with each new collection and is great for encouraging people to start using their hands again to make lovely items.
This month it's a burger buddy, a cute little package in various shades of pink!
I haven't made mine yet, as I don't actually have any glue in the house, but once I do it shall take a place of pride on my office shelves.

The next chance to order your Lucky Dip Box before they sell out (and they do in a matter of hours!) is in only two days, on the 1st November their Circus themed box will go on sale, and it's finally open for you to nab a subscription just like I did a few months ago.
Remember to set your alarms!!
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