Rose Gold for Autumn with Meraki Handmade...

Anyone who has been following this blog for a while may remember an early post about Meraki Handmade Jewellery
A one woman ran independent company based out in LA, Meraki Handmade have a beautiful range of delicate precious jewellery that, since I last wrote about them, they have really blown up with an ever extending range, and a huge load of interest from bridal parties.
You can really understand why when you see the range.

I had been eyeing up this Bella heart necklace for a while, and when I saw an offer from Meraki Handmade for 10% off (there are deals fairly regularly, follow them on instagram to stay up to date!) I couldn't resist and placed an order.
Not long after I had I received a message from Joanne, very generously offering me a little gift to say thanks for my previous post so long ago, and we had a lovely little chat while figuring out a unique personalised necklace especially for me.

The Bella necklace is just so teeny tiny, smaller than my little finger nail, but it sits perfectly around my neck with it subtle delicate way.
There is an option of yellow gold, silver, and of course rose gold which I decided to go with and my favourite type of gold, but I have received a yellow gold necklace from Maraki before and they still look really beautiful and delicate, and I say that being not a fan of gold.

Every piece is lovingly handmade so every order can be customised, or you can email for specific custom orders, something that a lot of wedding parties seem to be doing as you can see on their instagram page, and what I am actually planning to do for my own wedding jewellery. 
Every piece also comes in a little gift box, which you will find inside a lovely bag, all tied up in a bow and as you can see from my photos, stamped with a lovely big heart too.

The E <3 H necklace is of course "Edd Hearts Harrie", there's a wide option of letters, numbers, and decorative stamps that can be adorned on these geometric triangles, which make a really pretty bunting affect, which include three different heart options, babies feet for that new mother you need a gift for, arrows for your valentine, and even a miniature bicycle that I think I would like on a future order (ooh I'm far from done collecting yet!).
These necklaces are usually ordered as three triangles, but extra triangles can be added on for only $4 per triangle, which is pretty reasonable and means you can say whatever it is you long to making the perfect little gift for any occasion, even if you are only gifting yourself!

I'm totally loving rose gold for Autumn, and these have come just in time to compliment the change in season.
I can layer these necklaces too, wearing both to compliment each other and as they are so delicate they won't look bulky or odd teamed together, and look even more darling when worn alone.
If you didn't check them out before you really must, and as every order comes beautifully packaged and with the option of a personalised hand written note (I always get a really lovely hand written note from Joanne in my orders!) I know these are going to make the perfect little christmas gift for every one I know, especially me.
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