Zoeva Rose Gold Make Up Brushes

I am not a gold typa gal, my earlier memories of seeing gold worn around Liverpool was sovereign rings and huge hoop earrings back in the early to mid 90's.
I was probably 15 or 16 when I asked my mum for a gold name necklace, after spotting Carrie's one on Sex and the City, and really there's only one letters difference there!
I still have that necklace although it is now a tangled mess I've tried and failed to untangle many many times.
As I've gotten older I'm still not a massive fan of Gold unless it's the daintiest of jewellery, or if it is made from the only gold that makes my eyes widen and gloss over with want.
It is of course the pink and girly of the gold world, rose gold, it just looks more elegant than yellow gold and much prettier.
So when I spotted a make up brush set with rose gold details, I just had to have it.

Zoeva are a german brand started up in 2008, created by women for women their first range consisted of only ten make up brushes, but now they have grown to such a wide range of brushes, you'll get every possible brush you could ever possibly need.
There is even four specifically made Vegan range of brushes, one of which is made with bamboo handles and cost a bargain €30!

The brushes came inside a matching make up bag too, which is very generously sized, it even has an extra zipped compartment inside. 
All of their sets, and there is a choice of fifteen different sets, come with make up bags, travel rolls, beauty belts, or even for the make up artist set with 25 brushes, and an amazing travel bag with three different compartments, I drooled slightly.

The brushes were very well protected and I was so excited getting them all out, I was so impatient to use them all tho, despite not even going anywhere as they were a little ray of sunshine for me on a day where I was actually pretty ill! 
This set was €58, plus €7.50 for shipping, and I had them bookmarked for a while before I caved and "accidentally" purchased them.
At the total price before shipping it averages that each brush was just over €7, so under £6 per brush and that isn't even including the make up bag in which they were stored.

They are so pretty, I can't wait to show these off on my future dressing table (there I go again, just you wait and see....it'll happen!) and sitting while doing my make up with these luxurious brushes is going to be such a lovely start to the day.
I can pretend I'm a movie star with brushes this pretty, can't I?

The quality of these brushes was immediately obvious, they were a splash out for me costing including the shipping £50, but I actually think they were totally worth it, and when compared to buying brushes individually from places such as MAC, or even high street beauty chains they were a bargain for high quality beautiful brushes.
This set came with mainly brushes for face, which was perfect for me as I've been naughty using my hands to apply foundations and concealers for years. 
As this set has the 'Silk Finish' brush for applying foundation, and a brush just for concealer I will change my habits, and hopefully it'll help my skin somewhat too as even the cleanest hands has some manner of bacteria on.

There is even a specific brush for contouring, alongside brushes for powder and blushers.
Three brushes were for eye make up, which I shall throw my hands up and admit, is something I've only recently started using. 
I bought myself the Urban Decay naked make up pallette in 3, which is a complimenting shade of rosy nudes and thanks to the amazing blendableness of it I can actually do a half decent eye!
Hopefully with these extra brushes I can do some amazing eye looks, and the eye liner brush looks so slick that I may even be able to do a half decent gel eyeliner look.

Luckily I even have the perfectly girliest stand to store them in, this heart shaped acrylic make up holder!
These brushes are just soft enough to be lovely to use, but not too soft that they don't leave an affect.
They feel amazing, and I'm sure my skin will be thanking me for them too.
Be sure to check out Zoeva, not only is their range of make up brushes and sets just amazing, but their make up range, and accessories including a huge amount of false eyelashes that are actually really cheap, I spotted a pair exactly like the ones I used to buy at £14.00 for the bargain price of €4.50!
I'll be ordering so much more, such at their ingenious travel mirror that I needed for the past 9 years and have only just seen! At €8.50 I think it's worth buying anyway.

I found with using them that I actually needed way less product than I usually do, I was a bit unsure when I saw the brushes didn't pick up a load of product, but once I swished it onto my face I was surprised that it was the perfect amount!
I ended up with a much more natural fresh faced look which I really loved, and Edd was complimenting me all day long. Totally worth the splash out!
Their website has options to read in German, English, or Italian, and as they have only been shipping worldwide since 2013, they are definitely going to become a staple for every girl in the next few years, it's worth investing in the best tools, especially if they make you feel and look fantastic, the fact they will look so pretty on my dressing table is just an added bonus!
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