Engagement Party Buffet with Dot Com Gift Shop

Last Sunday I finally threw our engagement party after months and months of planning, I had picked a theme and ran with it, and luckily for me a certain favourite shop of mine made it much easier!
I've been buying things from DotComGiftShop.com for years so they were of course the first place I went to for party supplies, and we managed to get pretty much everything we needed in just one order.

We had decided to go with a lovely afternoon tea themed event, with a 30's vibe which I completely went overboard with in my excitement.
We chose the paper cups and napkins to look like vintage china in disposable form.
There are also paper plates with the same pattern but as I was making finger food I thought napkins would serve the purpose for such nibbles.

I bought some bunting too to decorate our venue, and add to the 30's picnic afternoon tea theme!
To match I found these LED heart lights from Primark, which I think matched the bunting and cake trays perfectly.
At £6 they actually worked pretty well, and we have kept them and the bunting to hang up inside our new home (but that shall be a story for later...!).

Rather stupidly (or impressively?!) I decided to make all of the food ourselves, completely from scratch. Of course as well as being from scratch they were also completely vegan too, tho I did warn everyone for nut allergies, just in case.
In the end I made three different batches of cupcakes, one of which was a double batch, and this was after I had managed to, in my tiredness, completely ruin my first double batch which ended up binned while I stressed having to start again!

I was a little worried that the cupcakes wouldn't be eaten, and I would be lugging home and living off them for the next week. In the end I didn't even eat any at all as they were grabbed up so fast, and were one of the many highlights of the day. I received many a compliment on my baking skills with the usual line of "....and I couldn't even tell they were vegan!"
Maybe one day I shall share my recipes...

It's not afternoon tea without cucumber sandwiches!
I roped in Edd and his Best Man, James to make the sandwiches, of course to my specifications while I got myself dressed and ready, and after making and icing all of those cupcakes during a heatwave I think I deserved a break from the kitchen.
Luckily these went down just as well, with my little sister helping by polishing off the last two or three while clearing up!

We of course supplied some drinks to go with the food, I didn't take any photo's of the cooler or ice bucket however, being not quite so photogenic as the rest of the spread!
I was excited to see a six pack of Sanpellegrino Blood Orange when we were doing our supermarket shop for the party, which got very out of hand ending up at nearly £200...!
I displayed these on the top as I love the look of the can just as much as I love the drink, but again they were grabbed up like gold dust, except for one glass which managed to tip over a whole pile of napkins.

Although no one actually bought their kids I wasn't sure if straws would be required, but after spotting these pastel polka dot straws, and their adorable matching set that came with floral windmills I just had to get them.
They were enjoyed just as much by the adults so they weren't a waste, and even if they only served as extra decoration they were worth their (rather cheap!) price tag.

So though there were no kids, the straws were used, mainly for alcoholic purposes!
We managed to nab a case of Prosecco for £30 so there was plenty of bubbly wine flowing, matched perfectly with our strawberries that were put out just for popping in the glass.
Tho I'm sure some were eaten during the set up, as the strawberry pile grew suspiciously smaller.

We had somewhat of a hiccup with our party supplies order, as I thought it would be easier to have it sent over to my mums house as the party was happening in Liverpool, but her postman delivered neither the parcel, or a red slip so they were returned to the store.
We eventually got them sent out to us, which meant I had a rather full suitcase of party supplies!
It looked so lovely, I'm so glad we found the items to help make our tea party look that bit more fancy and special, the napkins, cups, straws, and bunting set us back about £40 simply because we over ordered and actually had loads left in the end which we took home.
Maybe it's an excuse for another party?

I shall post more about our day too soon, as so much happened and it was a day full of fun, laughter, and mostly an awful lot of love!
Keep your eyes peeled for The Engagement Party...Part Two!
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